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Master Post

You can see the sign up list HERE. I’ve brainstormed ideas for fairy tales here.

Resource List.

The Details:

  • Have a month devoted to Fairy Tales. February 2013. That will give us adequate time to read and schedule our posts.
  • Each blogger chooses a fairy tale. They must read the original fairy tale and at least 3 retellings/spin offs of the story. They write a review of each book and post them during the month of Project: Fairy Tale.  It’d be awesome if you could compile a list of other retellings  of your fairy tale as well. (Preferably the retellings will be Young Adult books or younger.) That’s it!
  • Other optional fun things to do: You can make a whole month of it on your blog if you’d like. More reviews,  read the fairy tale from another culture, movie reviews, integrate your fairy tale with any features/memes you do, discussion posts, list posts (favorite retelling, most creative retelling, etc), comparing and contrasting the retellings with the original story, anything you can imagine involving your fairy tale! Do as much or as little as you’d like.
  • You don’t have to devote the entire month to the event. Just the reviews are required. :)
  • It’s not required but after I ‘clear’ your fairy tale I would love for you to do a sign up post on your blog. Nothing too fancy.  Just tell your readers about this project, the fairy tale you chose, and maybe brainstorm your ideas. Plus it’s a great, central place for us to suggest or recommend books about your fairy tale.
  • I’ll keep a master post for the month and add people’s posts to it as they’re posted.

Some housekeeping details about the event.

  • I’m going to be pretty loose with the retellings. You can read a strict retelling of the story like The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale (the story is just the fairy tale fleshed out to a longer story). You can read a loose retelling of the story like Spindle’s End by Robin McKinley where she takes the basic idea of the fairy tale but makes the story her own. You can also read story/picture books of the fairy tale. I’ll even allow books that have multiple fairy tales going on in the story like The Sisters Grimm series. If you choose to read a book like that, make sure to comment on how your fairy tale stands up.
  • Guest Posts and Guest Reviews. I know not everyone got their first choice of fairy tale and I’m very sorry about that. I’ll make it up by allowing guest reviews and guest posts. All posts about a certain fairy tale need to be on that blogger’s blog. (All Rapunzel posts need to be on my blog etc) Guest posts and guest reviews are up to each blogger’s discretion. Contact them if you’d like to do a guest post/review. It’s also fine if the blogger and a guest blogger do a review on the same book.
  • There are only 4 required posts for this event: a review of the original fairy tale and 3 reviews for the 3 retellings/spin offs. If you absolutely cannot find 3 retellings, that’s okay. Just do one of the optional choices to make up for the lack of review.
  • You can change fairy tales if you’d like as long as that fairy tale hasn’t been selected by someone else. Contact me to change it.
  • You don’t need to have any ideas cleared for this event by me. I want this event to be yours as much as it is mine so I’m giving you freedom to do what you want. You are always welcome to bounce ideas off of me if you’d like. If you have a really awesome idea for a post, please share! For example, I’m planning on doing a wrap up post/list of all the retellings I want to read now because of your reviews.

15 thoughts on “Project: Fairy Tale

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  7. I’m so sorry for not getting back to you sooner! We’ve been working at getting our blog off the ground and it just happened this month. Due to increasing family and work commitments, I’m going to try again next year. I definitely plan to spectate on this event, and would love to highlight the project on our blog, if that’s ok! Keep up the good work and we’ll try again next year 🙂

  8. Is it too late to sign up for a book? I just heard about this because someone doing a guest post for A Week of Little Red is doing this all month long!

    I couldn’t do a month, but I could pick one tale and still play if there’s time to sign up!

    • Yes, it’s a bit late to sign up. Try contacting any of the bloggers participating to do a guest post/review about their fairy tale. I’m sure they’d love to host you. 🙂

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