Discussion: Updated High School Reading

let's talkI came across an article on Book Riot recently called High School Reading, 2.0. I thought it was really interesting to see what other people would like to see used in high school classrooms. I thought I would share a few of my picks!

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Discussion: In Defense of Princesses

let's talkWhat does the word Princess bring to mind for you? How about Princess books? Probably some fluffy fairy tales where a princess needs to be rescued by a prince.

I think that’s what comes to mind for a lot of people so intentionally or unintentionally they write princess books off because of the women featured. Let’s be honest, a book where a woman has to be rescued by a man is clichéd and boring.

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Discussion: Fear of Re-reading

let's talkMaybe fear isn’t the right word but I never thought I would be nervous or uneasy to re-read a book. I usually enjoy it! Re-reading is my mark of a good book. If it’s something I want to read and live again, it’s a good book.

I’ve been thinking lately about how things change. You might have loved a book when you read it years ago but when you re-read it now, you don’t like it or worse…you hate it. Does that tarnish your image of the book?

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Discussion: Fighting Blogger Fatigue

let's talk Blogger fatigue is something all bloggers face if they’ve been at it for a while. I’ve been blogging for 3.5 years now and I’m really feeling it.

Blogging is becoming more of a chore. I love finishing books but I groan because that means I now ‘have’ to write a review or quick thoughts post for it (before I forget too much about the book). I just want to read a book. Then pick up another book without much thought.

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Discussion: When Did Book Blogging Start Getting So Spammy?

let's talkThere was recently some hubbub about the potential threat of book blogs being shut down for an excessive amount of blog tours and book blitzes. The argument was (the majority of) blog tours and book blitzes can be considered advertising or spam and advertising or spam is not allowed on free blogs.

I really do have to agree that for the most part book blitzes and blog tours can be pretty spammy. Reading the same post on 5-10 blogs is boring. It doesn’t give me any good information. Yes, it is possible to put your own twist on the posts the tour companies or authors send you but so few bloggers do that.

Here’s the thing, every blogger is different. I completely understand that. If you want use your blog to promote authors and books. Awesome. If you want review books that you only borrow from the library, that’s fantastic as well. If you want to post nothing but reviews for books you get from publishers, that’s fine as well. Please don’t mistake me for passing judgement on you or your blog. I’m merely commenting on the trends I’ve been seeing.

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Discussion: Similarities And Deciding To Follow A Blog

let's talkThe book blogging community is a huge one. It makes sense because the world of books is huge as well. Each book blog out there is unique (to a certain extent) because the blog generally reflects the reading choices of the blogger.

Sometimes this means a blog will focus on a very specific type of book (Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Non-Fiction, etc). Other times maybe a blog will instead focus on an age range of books rather than genres (Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, etc). Of course there are the book blogs that are just an eclectic mix of any and everything a blogger reads. All of those are great choices. There are no rules for book blogging so you do what works best for you.

Since there are so many different types of book blogs out there, it would be almost impossible to find another book blog that 100% reflects what you read or your interests.

So…how do you decide on what blogs to read?

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