Ideas for Project: Fairy Tale

I announced Project: Fairy Tale on Thursday. Everyone seems to love the idea. So far many of the more popular and well known fairy tales have been picked. I’m hoping that doesn’t turn people away from the project. There are still many more stories for you to choose from! Here’s a quick list of fairy tales that still available. I think you should be able to find books that are retellings of these stories fairly easy.

I’m probably missing some. Comment if you have some to add (that you know have retellings). You can claim your fairy tale here.

2 thoughts on “Ideas for Project: Fairy Tale

    • I hope you decide to join us! Sign up as soon as you can that way you have as much time as possible to read and schedule your posts!

      Not yet. I still have a poll in the sidebar about the date. I’d like to get more responses about it.

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