Project: Fairy Tale Resource List

Project Fairy Tale

Hope everyone is having fun working on Project: Fairy Tale! I decided to put together a post where we can post any helpful or awesome links, books, movies, etc. for fairy tales we’v come across. It will benefit anyone who is working on a fairy tale and those who are interested in fairy tales in general.

This will be updated periodically whenever someone has something to share. Leave the links in the comments as well as a brief explanation as to what you’re sharing in the comments! I’ll edit them into this post when I can.

SurLaLune Fairy Tales

This website has a good number of fairy tales on it. Each fairy tale is annotated and given some history. Each fairy tale also has a list of modern interpretations (retellings) as well as a list of books related to the fairy tale (everything from picture books to novels to poetry to even movies). This would be a great place to find your retellings and help you compile a list of retellings for the project.

The Disturbing Origins of 10 Famous Fairy Tales

16 thoughts on “Project: Fairy Tale Resource List

  1. Sur La Lune is awesome! I wish that their kindle book packages weren’t so darned expensive – it is hard for me to justify ponying up $9.99 for stuff that is compiled from the public domain. I’d totally pay $2.99 for it, but $10.00 is too rich for my blood!

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