Advice for Authors

I wouldn’t say I’m an expert on blogger/author relationships but I’ve been blogging long enough to know some of the basics. This is some of my advice for authors.

How To Find The Best Book Blogger For You

This article provides some easy tips on how to search for book bloggers that might be interested in reading and reviewing your book.

What You Should Know About Book Blogs

If you’ve never heard of book blogs before, you might be a bit confused as to how we can help you. This articles gives you a rundown of some basic things to know about us.

Why Book Bloggers Aren’t Accepting Your Book

ARG! You still can’t find bloggers to review your book? These might be some things that are turning us off your book.

How To Support A Blogger You Like

So found a blogger that’s pretty awesome, how do show them support? I’ve got a few options for you. [This is strictly for supporting a blogger, not trying to get them to review your book.]

Why Book Bloggers Aren’t Accepting Your Book (Take 2)

More advice for you to consider if you’re still having a hard time finding a book blogger

The Book Blogger Search Engine is also very handy.

What are your thoughts? (Comments are moderated. Yours will be up as soon as I read it!)

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