I’m Trying Blogging Again!

Greetings to anyone still out there.

I’ve decided to try my hand at book blogging again. It’s NOT going to be as thorough as The Cheap Reader has been. It’s going to be lighter and more sporadic. I miss talking books in long form but I don’t miss the work I had to put into blogging to get things to the standard I wanted.

Truthfully, bookstagram is still where my heart lies. I like the visuals and I like that it’s easier to connect with other readers. It will absolutely  play second fiddle to my bookstagram account.


Alison In Bookland

You’ll find some book reviews, bookish lists, unboxings, and other bookish things. I don’t foresee it being updated daily. Weekly if I’m lucky. More than likely a couple of times a month.

Stop by and say ‘hello’!