Recently: November 23rd

Hello all!

Hope all is well with you. I’m still enjoying my hiatus from book blogging but thought I do a quick stop in to briefly discuss some of what I’ve been reading since I paused blogging.

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What I Want To See Less Of (3)

I thought it would be fun to talk about what I as a reader would like to see less of in Young Adult (and Middle Grade) books.

MIA Family

I know not having parents around makes the story easier to tell but where’s the love for parents and families? Family is a big thing. It’s our first relationship in life. They cause us many headaches but they also bring us much joy.

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Discussion: In Defense of Princesses

let's talkWhat does the word Princess bring to mind for you? How about Princess books? Probably some fluffy fairy tales where a princess needs to be rescued by a prince.

I think that’s what comes to mind for a lot of people so intentionally or unintentionally they write princess books off because of the women featured. Let’s be honest, a book where a woman has to be rescued by a man is clichéd and boring.

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Currently: July 5th


Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

I’m only ~50 pages in but I’m liking it so far. The pieces are being set down so I can see how it’s going to be a fun mystery. It’s got a nice MG voice going on. It’s not too juvenile or off-putting (so far). I’m a little bummed that Book Scavenger isn’t a real game (but you can hide and find books on the book’s official site).

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Diverse Pairings: Graphic Novels

As a library paraprofessional and an avid reader, I’m a fan of the We Need Diverse Books campaign. It can be difficult to get books into the hands of readers if you’re not quite sure how to ‘sell’ the books. I thought I would try out a feature where I pair a book with a companion Diverse* book. If a reader likes one book, they’re sure to enjoy the other one.

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