Style Saturday (June 25): Physical Books vs Ebooks vs Audiobooks

Style Saturday is a meme hosted by me where each week I present a prompt about personal reading style and explain my answer. Feel free to join in with your answer in the comments or leave a link to your Style Saturday on your blog. Feel free to suggest prompts.

This week: Physical Books vs Ebooks vs Audiobooks

Some people believe physical books are the only ‘real’ books and don’t touch the other options. Others don’t discriminate. Most people have somewhat of a preference.

Physical books are awesome but they are heavy and take up a lot of space BUT on the other hand I can usually find some books for super cheap which makes me happy.

Ebooks are great. It takes care of my space problem. I’m the kind of person that carries a book in my purse so my Kindle has been a shoulder saver. I’m also a huge fan of being able to get free public domain freebies and other free books. But it is harder to shop for sales because there is a standard price pretty much across the board.

Also I’ve never understood why so many people believe you have to on team book or team e-book like there’s no middle ground. I think it’s a bit stupid. Both have good and bad qualities and I’m positive you can like both formats. Silly people.

I don’t use audiobooks but I’m not against them. I think when I get a car and if I have to drive a long way for work or other errands I might look into what the library has in audiobooks.

Now it’s your turn!

4 thoughts on “Style Saturday (June 25): Physical Books vs Ebooks vs Audiobooks

  1. I agree in the ideal that ebooks and books can be used simultaneously. Personally, I use my ebook reader for public domain books and PDFs while I still purchase books due to the high price of ebooks and the very nice hardback editions of books that are released. I also agree with the use of audiobooks, I would only ever use them while in a car or train, ect.

  2. I regularly read books in all three formats. Audio books allow me to read something while driving. I usually save these for books I’m required to read, that way I must remain a captive audience in the car! But most of my reading is evenly split between ebooks and regular books. I do prefer ebooks simply because I can take them with me everywhere, but you are right that the prices are killing me!

    What I love most about ebooks, though, is that I can preview books before buying them. I download the free samples, and then only make the actual purchase once I have read the sample and determined that I want to spend the money. So I don’t have the same problem with ebooks as I do with regular ones — the stack of unread books sitting around my house!

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