BHA: “Little House on the Prairie”

Happy July everyone! This month we’re reading Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

How to Participate:

Read Little House on the Prairie in July.


Post your thoughts about the book in the comments, write a review/your thoughts about the book & leave a link to them in the comments. Whatever works for you! You know the routine by now.

I have  On the Banks of Plum Creek so I’m going to try to squeeze that in this month as well. If you feel like it and have the time, please read any of the Little House books that you want. Feel free to leave a link to a review or your thoughts in the comments!

Happy reading!

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6 thoughts on “BHA: “Little House on the Prairie”

  1. I haven’t read this one in a while, and I’m not exactly planning to for BHA (sorry), but I’ve read it probably six or seven times, haha, so I remember what went down pretty well.

    When I re-read this is a more mature reader a few years ago, the big thing I took away was Ma’s anti-Indian-ness. (“the only good Indian is a dead Indian”, etc.) I’m not going to judge her or anything, as her opinion was hardly unique at the time, but that’s something I noticed the last time I read.

    Later in life, Laura made a very good point on the race/discriminations situation, I think. The town she was living in (Mansfield, MO), was having a local debate, and the subject was who had been treated worse, the Native Americans or the Blacks, and Laura was actually chosen to participate, speaking for the Native American’s. Her point (which won the debate) was that when she was living in Kansas as a child, the US Army came through the territories and herded all the Indians out, while during that same time period, when she and her family came down the the ague, it was a black doctor (Dr. Tan) who nursed them back to health. Naturally, her point made things pretty clear, and her side won. Laura Wilder gets a lot of respect from me right there.

    But yeah, it’s always interesting to read the Little House books keeping in mind race and inequality.

    Otherwise, my favorite part of this book was probably Mr. Edwards. He’s so funny and crazy and I remember totally wishing I had an uncle or something like him when I was five.

    Altogether, though, this isn’t my favorite of the series, as Laura was only just finding her narrative voice and figuring out the whole writing thing. I’m pretty sure that Little House on the Prairie was her first novel, actually.

    Oh! And, you know, just to bog down your TBR pile, have you heard of the four spin-off Little House series? There’s the Martha Years (Laura’s great-grandmother) by Melissa Wiley, the Charlotte Years (Laura’s grandmother) by Melissa Wiley, the Caroline Years (Laura’s Ma) by Maria D. Wilkes, and then the Rose Years (Laura’s daughter) by Roger Lea McBride. I definitely recommend the Caroline and Rose story lines, as they’re more complete (with 8 and 9 books), while the Martha and Charlotte books only cover the girls’ really early childhoods and not their teen years.

    Anyway, sorry to bog you down with my massive “comment”, but I’m a HUGE Little House fan, obviously. 😀

    • That’s totally fine. You’re always more than welcome to stop and chat about a book as long as you’ve read it at some point. 🙂

      Race and inequality is very dominant in this book. It’s shocking as a modern reader but I can see Ma’s point to a certain extent. I know I’d be terrified to be out in the middle of no where with very little protection (no matter who was around).

      Mr. Edwards was pretty awesome. Too bad they moved away. I would have liked to see more of him.

      What IS your favorite book of the series then?

      I keep seeing the spin-offs at work (library). I’ve thought about picking one up (if I could find the time) but wasn’t sure where to start or if they were worth reading. Thanks for the suggestions and the comment! I love seeing people excited about books. 😀

      • Oh, and I totally said in another comment that By the Shores of Silver Lake is my favorite. Whups, the titles start to run together after a while!

        Uh, I actually think These Happy Golden Years is my favorite, because 1) it’s pretty well written in comparison to the other books, 2) Laura is mostly her own person by then (I have an entire rant on how Ma and Pa treat Laura but that’s another story), and 3) there’s a romance in it, which was super cool when I was eight, haha.

        Uh, otherwise I did like Farmer Boy a lot because it’s really interesting because the Wilders were really rich and well-to-do in comparison to the Ingalls, and then maybe Little Town on the Prairie because it’s when the Ingalls start to make money for themselves and get situated in a permanent home and make friends who aren’t Nellie Olson (you’ll meet her later and she’s a treat).

        My least favorite is The First Four years because it’s almost a journal/diary and was published posthumously, so not the best. I thought it was pretty boring, honestly.

        • Ah, my bad! I hadn’t read the other comment when responding.

          Good to know that you enjoyed many of the books. I look forward to eventually reading them!

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