Versus: “Because of Winn-Dixie”

The book

+The book is very cute.
+The story was a bit all over the place but it felt cohesive.  Opal would tell these little stories about her new friends and they all added to each other. They were building towards something.
+DiCamillo has this way that she brings everything to life. You feel the characters. You love the characters. You understand the characters. They’re like real people.

-The book feels a bit rushed. Yes, it’s a short book but it still feels like it’s moving way too fast.

The movie

+The movie does a relatively good job of putting the book on the screen. It has all the major “stuff” from the book.
+AnnaSophia Robb! She’s adorable especially as a kid.
+Jeff Daniels even though I can’t really take him seriously.

-Of course, as with all movies there are some minor mistakes and they added some stuff that wasn’t in the book. (As a redhead, I was looking forward to seeing Opal as a redhead!)
-I felt like the movie was too childish. Yes, it’s a children’s movie but I thought they added things just to get a laugh from the kids (Winn-Dixie getting the pants of the sheriff, the goat headbutting the car, etc). It is possible to make a sweet family movie without going for ‘cheap’ laughs. I’m disappointed they went that way.
-Simply put, the movie had no magic. It had all the pieces but there was nothing there to give it that push towards delightful. It just lingered around mediocre.

The winner– The book!

I’m glad I procrastinated in watching the movie for so long. If I had watched the movie first, I don’t think I would have picked up the book.

Which of the two do you prefer?

What are your thoughts? (Comments are moderated. Yours will be up as soon as I read it!)

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