Book Review: “Quest One: The Golden Scarab”

“Quest One: The Golden Scarab” by S.W. Lothian

Genre: Middle Grade Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy

GoodreadsSource: The Author [Thank you!]

Summary from Goodreads:

Imagine you’re 12 years old and you always dream of greater things. Then imagine that you discover a way to pass through time to a place that you have only ever seen in books and movies.

All is not well in Ancient Egypt and heroes are needed. The peace is set to be shattered by an evil God and a magical amulet is the key to his evil plan. It’s the only thing that stands in his way. JJ Sterling and his friends Linc and Rani are thrust back in time to Ancient Egypt on a daring quest to save history. Back to a time full of action, adventure, mystery and danger – where statues are alive!

In this amazing race against time the three heroes from the future embark on a desperate quest full of deadly challenges with danger every step of the way. Will they escape the nasty Uberdiles that pursue and try to stop them?

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