How To Make Goodreads Work For You

It’s no secret that I love Goodreads. It’s great for anyone who is a book fan but it’s really fantastic for book bloggers. Here are some of my tricks to making Goodreads work best for me.

Private Notes

One of my book blogging friends mentioned this on Twitter a while back and I love the idea. I use it quite a bit now. Whenever you add a book to one of your shelves, you can also edit the review. You can add lots of information there: when you started and finished the book, number of times you read the book, who recommended it to you, etc. Private notes is one of the options as well. These are notes that only you can see about the book.

Whenever you finish a book that is part of a series, quickly add some notes about what happened at the end of the book in your private notes. This is incredibly helpful when you pick up the next book!

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