Chatting With… Kim Askew

Kim Askew is the co-author of the YA Thriller/Drama Exposure: A Modern-Day Spin on Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Tell us about your book.

Exposure is the second book in our Twisted Lit series and it’s inspired by Shakespeare’s thrillingly dark tragedy Macbeth. Our heroine, Skye Kingston, is a self-described wallflower who’s secretly pining after Craig MacKenzie, who happens to be one half of her high school’s most popular couple. We wanted to explore the quest for royalty (aka “power”) that occurs in Macbeth, but through a different lens: high school social hierarchy. Craig’s girlfriend, Beth, is obsessed with their becoming Prom King and Queen, and will stop at nothing to achieve it. That’s when all hell breaks loose!

What makes your book different than other books out there?

Rather than a completely straightforward retelling of Shakespeare’s plays, our Twisted Lit series is inspired by the themes of the plays and how relatable we think they can be to readers today. We unravel the stories and put them together again in our own way, with a contemporary spin. It’s exciting to explore the plays and discover new ways to connect them with the 21st century. Whether you love or hate Shakespeare, or fall somewhere in between on the spectrum, you can still enjoy the series. And if our books turn people on to dig deeper into Shakespeare for themselves, well, that’s just an added bonus.

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