Unboxing Book Riot’s Young Adult Box # 2

Weee! My newest Book Riot: Young Adult Quarterly Box came! The theme this round is friendship. For $50 (plus shipping), you get a box full of goodies every 3 months.

Book 1IMG_0178

Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour

I don’t read romance books so I’ll be skipping over this one.

Bonus goodie: deleted scene

Book 2IMG_0179

A Sense of the Infinite by Hilary T. Smith

I’m really picky about my contemporary YA but this could be good.

Bonus goodies: Signed bookplate and 3 postcards

Book 3


Chasing Shadows by Swati Avasthi

The summary doesn’t totally grab my attention but the book looks to be an interesting mix of graphic novel and traditional story.

Bookish GoodiesIMG_0181

French Bull Reading Light

Can’t go wrong with a reading light! I don’t really use them but I might change that. This one is cute.

Knot & Bow Library Cards

As a psuedo-librarian, I appreciate this! They’re cute. Looks like you can use them to keep track of books you lend to people or use them to take notes on.

The verdict? I love the fact that this box was female dominated. All three books were about women. I’m a little disappointed that one of the book is ‘dud’ for me. It’s not terrible since I do have 2 other books.

The accessories are fun. The reading light is cute but I was hoping for something a bit more unique. You know, something most people wouldn’t come across easily. I could run to the store and buy a book light (and quite possibly even the one I got).

I’ll keep my subscription for now.

7 thoughts on “Unboxing Book Riot’s Young Adult Box # 2

  1. Aww that’s so cool. I love the library notepad and the reading light. Also, Everything Leads to You is surprisingly good. It’s one of my favorite stand alones. But if you don’t plan on reading it, maybe you can take this chance to do a giveaway? Haha, just a suggestion 🙂

  2. I love the library cards!! And the booklight. Everything Leads to You is not super romancey just so you know. It’s more about the mystery of the girl they meet and her past. I really liked it and I don’t like romance books. I like more Contemporary with an edge. Happy reading with the other books though!

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