Currently: July 5th


Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

I’m only ~50 pages in but I’m liking it so far. The pieces are being set down so I can see how it’s going to be a fun mystery. It’s got a nice MG voice going on. It’s not too juvenile or off-putting (so far). I’m a little bummed that Book Scavenger isn’t a real game (but you can hide and find books on the book’s official site).

The Gray Wolf Throne by Cinda Williams Chima

I’m still loving listening to this series. This book is even better than the others! The politics are really picking up. I can’t wait to see what happens next now that the worst has happened to the Queen…

The Innocence of Father Brown by G.K. Chesterton

This is a nice collection of short stories. I’m just picking it up when I need a quick read.

I’ve got Lumberjanes, Vol 1 and The Lottery and Other Stories by Shirley Jackson to read soon.


Father Brown Season 2

Yay! The library finally got Season 2.

My Netflix TV watching has been all over the place. I’ve been sporadically watching Crossing Jordan, The X-Files, Private Practice, and Midsomer Murders. I also finally watched Castle which was incredibly fun. Sadly it’s not on streaming and the library doesn’t have any DVDs (…yet?).

I got The DUFF from Netflix so I’ll try watching that this weekend.

 What have you been reading and watching lately?


2 thoughts on “Currently: July 5th

  1. I’ve been watching mostly Brooklyn Nine Nine these past few weeks, and I’ve been loving it. And I’m reading Alexander McCall Smith’s adaptation of Emma, which is…fine. Maybe it would have been best to leave Emma alone a little bit.

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