Quick Thoughts: “Gifted”

unnamed“Gifted” by H. S. Stone

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy

Source: Author in exchange for an honest review

Summary from Goodreads:

In a kingdom where the Gifteds are captured and thrown into fights to the death, Voima is fortunate that she is just a Regular. However, her brother, Vendd, isn’t so lucky. Since his Power started manifesting itself, the siblings have lived a life on the run, barely escaping the king’s soldiers.

Just as Voima and Vendd have settled into a new home, a fleeing Gifted enters their lives, begging for help but bringing soldiers after him. Despite the siblings’ efforts, the soldiers discover Vendd’s Power. Now Voima, an outmatched Regular girl, must find a way to defeat the kingdom’s most dangerous Gifteds in order to save her brother from certain death.


  • The story was a bit reminiscent of Graceling. I’m a big fan of Graceling so that’s a plus for me.
  • I tend to struggle with high fantasy but I actually wish this story went deeper into the world of high fantasy. I wanted to see more of the politics of this world and why the Gifteds were so feared. I wanted it to be complicated and interesting. The story toyed with the idea but didn’t quite dive in.
  • The story was pretty straightforward. I wanted more struggles and complications.
  • I really appreciated that Voima and Vendd didn’t have any romantic side stories. They were both pretty busy trying to stay alive.

The bottom line? Good pick for fans of Graceling and other similar YA fantasy books.



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