Quick Thoughts: “Sent”

“Sent (The Missing #2)” by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Genre: Middle Grade/Children’s Fiction, Science Fiction

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Summary from Goodreads:

Jonah and Chip have barely adjusted to the discovery that they are actually the missing children of history when a time purist named JB sends them, along with Katherine and Alex, hurtling back in time to 1483. JB promises that if they can fix history, they can all return to their present-day lives. Now Chip and Alex have to reclaim their true identities—as the king and prince of England. But things get complicated when the four discover that according to the records, the princes were murdered. How can they fix history if it means that Chip and Alex will die?


  • Definitely different than the first book but I already knew that had to happen.
  • Good mix of science fiction and historical fiction.
  • World building was weird and confusing. There were some inconsistencies in the rules and technology.
  • Interesting take on time travel. I need better explanations but I like what’s been set out so far.
  • Characters were on the weak side but I can forgive it a bit because the story is pretty fun.

The bottom line? It was a good quick read.

2 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: “Sent”

  1. Wow the cover redesign for this makes me…. a little angry? I don’t know. I read this book back when I was in elementary school and obsessed with Margaret Peterson Haddix’s books. Actually that obsession continued well into Middle School so I can say that I read all of these up through either the 5th or 6th book. Of course, back then I didn’t really critically analyze my books so I thought the books were amazing. But as I got older, I realized that the books weren’t really going anywhere and that I wasn’t really sure what the point of some of the events were so I totally get where you’re coming from with some of the world building. I’m definitely feeling the nostalgia right now.

    • I could see how kids would eat these up like candy. They’re great fun as long as you don’t look too close to the rules and start asking questions.

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