The Movie Was Better

STOP. Please don’t stone me.

For the most part, books are better than the movie. It’s almost a universal truth. There are some rare occasions where the movie rises above the book as a clear winner though.

The Princess Bride has been a favorite movie of mine for quite a while. I didn’t know it was a book for a really long time. I was an adult when I realized that and decided to read it.

I sometimes lose a connection with movies when they’re “out of date”. This movie has great staying power for me. I could watch it over and over again and not get tired.

It’s not that the book was bad because it wasn’t. I still enjoyed it but the ‘editor’ overstepped his bounds and annoyed me. I highly recommend the book to everyone (but feel free to skim over the editor if he annoys you).

How to Train Your Dragon was a surprise hit for me. I’m usually a fan of animated movies and this looked cute so I took it home for the weekend. I absolutely loved it! Hiccup and Toothless were cute. There was good drama in the story. Not to mention this was the first Dreamworks movie I had seen where I felt the heart of the story. Plus the animation is gorgeous.

I eventually got around to reading the book because I wanted something cute with heart and ended up pretty disappointed. They changed up a lot of the story for the movie and I think they were changes for the better. The story didn’t have the charm of the movie(s).

Blah, blah, blah. Yes, I know this is technically a mini-series but I’m still mentioning it.

I liked the book well enough when I read it. It was primarily because The Lizzie Bennet Diaries sucked me in. I still wasn’t wild about it.

Then I watch the mini-series of P&P and loved it. It does look a bit dated but I still loved it. It’s definitive proof that books should be adapted into mini-series more often. The extended length gives the story a real chance to develop.

join-thefunWhat are some movies that are better than the book in your opinion?

19 thoughts on “The Movie Was Better

  1. I HATED the book of The Princess Bride – so much so that i couldn’t watch the movie for a year or so after; i haven’t read, but heard that The Princess Diaries movie is better than the book because Mia is much more likeable – but i’ve never had the guts to try the book

    • Awww, I’m sorry you hated it so much. I do have to say I really recommend skipping over all the ‘extra’ stuff and read the PB story. I enjoyed it so much better on my re-read when I did that.

      I forgot about the Princess Diaries! The movies are so fun and fluffy and the books are mature-ish YA which is a bit jarring.

  2. I still haven’t read The Princess Bride yet, but I love the movie. I didn’t know How to Train Your Dragon was based on a book!

    For me, Divergent was the first movie that popped into my mind that was better than the book. The book was OK for me, but I liked the movie more. Stardust, based on the Neil Gaiman book, is another case where the movie was better IMHO. I like how the movie added some scenes that weren’t in the book, like the final battle in the witches’ castle.

    • How to Train Your Dragon is a whole series of 7+ books!

      Interesting. I wasn’t impressed with the movie. I thought it was lacking. I’m sure it made no sense if you hadn’t read the book.

  3. I TOTALLY agree with you on The Princess Bride and Pride and Prejudice. I recently read The Princess Bride and was not really a fan. It was good, sure, but I think the only thing that made it enjoyable for me was seeing all my favorite movie lines. Pride and Prejudice… I LOVE the movie, LOVE Lizzie Bennett… not really a fan of the book. It was good but I felt the movie made me fall in love with the story, not the book.

    Haven’t read How To Train Your Dragon, but I really love the movie! Like you said, it was full of charm. Have you seen the 2nd one? I loved that one even more!

  4. The Shining and Girl, Interrupted were both movies that I liked better than the books. Not that the Shining isn’t an awesome book, but Jack Nicholson killed it. Also I’m borderline on The Hunger Games. The movie follows the book SO closely that I didn’t think I gained a lot by reading the books (I saw the movies first). Plus JLaw is AMAZING!!!

    • Very interesting about THG. I know I was really worried about the movie because of how much of the story was ‘inside’ Katniss. I was really pleased with how well they did on the movie!

  5. I didn’t enjoy the book as much as I thought I would. The Princess Bride, that is and I recently saw the movie and I have to say that yes, it was better for me. I felt the book a bit flat and the spanish translation that I have wasn’t really good. I haven’t read P&P but I’ve seen the movie with Keira Knightley and I know I will have to read the book eventually for Uni so I’m waiting until that moment to watch the mini-series with Colin Firth. Everybody raves about it!

  6. How to train your dragon, I think the books are too young to hit a universal target whereas the film manages it flawlessly.

    The princess bride, while I enjoyed the book- I agree, the film was miles better. Heck, there is a whole second part of the book that isn’t even in the movie, which completely baffled me when I read it!

    While I’m a huge Gaiman fan, I actually felt the film of Stardust was better than the book, although the two are actually surprisingly different. It’s a bizarre thing when the movie is actually better than the book…

    • You’re probably right about How to Train Your Dragon. Movies can transcend across age gaps a lot better than books can.

      I would have been very interested to see the Zoo of Death play out.

      It is weird but I’m not going to question it. It’s nice to find those rare gems!

  7. Super, super true for The Princess Bride. Surely the consensus has to be that the movie is better on that one? Everyone’s seen the film! Nobody reads the book! And it’s because the book’s not as good. Does the book have Mandy Patinkin? No! I rest my case.

  8. I’ve actually never read The Princess Bride, but I imagine that film would be hard to beat in terms of nostalgia and charm. I’ve heard similar things about How To Train Your Dragon as well. Sometimes I guess the movie does do it better!

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