Diverse Pairings: Novel-in-Verse

As a library paraprofessional and an avid reader, I’m a fan of the We Need Diverse Books campaign. It can be difficult to get books into the hands of readers if you’re not quite sure how to ‘sell’ the books. I thought I would try out a feature where I pair a book with a companion Diverse* book. If a reader likes one book, they’re sure to enjoy the other one.









May B by Caroline Starr Rose and Inside Out & Back Again by Thanhha Lai


  • They both are historical novels-in-verse.
  • Both feature young girls growing up in hard times.
  • The books are spare on words but still paint a wonderful description of May and Hà’s lives.

If you have any great pairings, let me know! I’d love to feature them and credit you!

*Diversity may come from the author and/or characters.


9 thoughts on “Diverse Pairings: Novel-in-Verse

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  2. Neat blog series! I don’t read novels in verse too often (there just aren’t a lot of them that I come across in my daily life), but I tend to enjoy them. The last one I read was “Brown Girl Dreaming,” and it was fantastic.

    • I don’t remember reading many diverse books either. Hopefully if we get kids reading diversely when they’re younger, they’ll stick with it as the grow up!

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