Monthly Round Up: January 2015

One month down. 2015 is moving quick!

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What’s ahead for February?

I’m still waiting for a very important phone call that’s going to change my life. We’ll see when that happens and how things are going to change.

I haven’t filed my taxes yet but it looks like I’ll get some money back so I’m hopefully going to upgrade a newer phone soon. I also decided to try out Uppercase Box. It’s a young adult book subscription box. I should get my first box sometime this month which I will share with you all. I’m trying the Expert Pick (the book everyone gets) for now. We’ll see how that goes since I can be picky about what I read.

How was your January? Any exciting plans for February?


2 thoughts on “Monthly Round Up: January 2015

  1. Ooo, I really need to finish the Unwind series soon. I keep saying I will and then putting it off. Glad to see you enjoyed it all! Also, I had never even heard of Poison Study, but saw it on a ton of TTT lists yesterday. I might have to check it out, too.

    • You do need to finish the series! I was pleased with how well things ended. Poison Study is one of those books that I’ve seen for a really long time so I’m glad I finally read it.

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