Quick Thoughts: “Elliot and the Goblin War”

“Elliot and the Goblin War (Underworld Chronicles #1)” by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Genre: Children’s/Middle Grade Fiction, Fantasy


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Source: Freebie

Summary from Goodreads:


As of today, there are only 7 CHILDREN who have ever read this book and lived to tell about it. 95 CHILDREN successfully read the first chapter, but upon beginning chapter 2, they started BLABBERING in some language known only as “flibberish.” 38 CHILDREN made it halfway through this wretched book before they began SUCKING THEIR THUMBS THROUGH THEIR NOSES.

If you’re VERY BRAVE, perhaps you are willing to TAKE YOUR CHANCES. Be sure that you have told your family who gets your favorite toys if you DO NOT SURVIVE this book. Read it now, IF YOU DARE. But don’t say you haven’t been warned, for this is the story that unfolds the MYSTERIES OF THE UNDERWORLD.


  • I’m getting annoyed with narrators talking to the reader. JUST TELL ME THE STORY. I don’t want your weird commentary.
  • Trying too hard to be silly.
  • The characters were all really flat. I didn’t feel for them or care for their struggles.
  • There was no real depth the story which is disappointing.
  • I definitely won’t be continuing with the series.

The bottom line? Amusing for younger readers but lackluster for adult or older readers.


2 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: “Elliot and the Goblin War”

  1. It seems like a book that is meant for a younger audience, to be fair. I love when narrators talk to me – if it makes sense. I wouldn’t want it in a ‘real’ book or whatever you wanna call it.

    • Love, Felicia

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