What I Want To See More Of (3)

I thought it would be fun to talk about what I as a reader would like to see more of in Young Adult (and Middle Grade) books.

Upstairs/Downstairs Drama

I’m on a bit of a Downton Abbey kick at the moment.  I love me some drama so the historical drama in the show is fantastic. I love the two different types of drama we see in the story. Upstairs is all about finding the right husband, wearing the right clothes, making the right friends, etc. Downstairs drama typically involves other members of the staff, wanting a better life, and the normal drama of life. I’d love to see more books with those elements in it. I know they pop up in adult fiction but I don’t see much in Young Adult fiction.

Historical Fiction During a War on the Homefront

Traditionally men are the ones who have gone off to fight in a war. I’d love to see more teen girls dealing with fathers, brothers, and other loved ones being away. Maybe the story could focus on her doing her part here at home? Teen girls dropping out of school to work in a factory? Suddenly realizing how she feels about a male friend going out to war? There’s a lot of potential there.

It doesn’t even need to be limited to girls. It would be interesting to see a teen boy dealing with being too young to fight. How does he cope with war? Does he find a productive way to help out?

Fights the Idea of ‘Not like Other Girls’

I get really annoyed when girls degrade other girls for acting feminine. It always comes out that our protagonist is ‘not like other girls’. What’s wrong with other girls? Is it that terrible for a girl to enjoy dressing up? Or to enjoy cheer leading? Or some other girly activity?

I would really love for a character to call out that statement. It would even be more awesome if a character fought back against that idea. Maybe have a character who is über girly, smart, and a tough fighter?



What do you want to see more of in your books?

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13 thoughts on “What I Want To See More Of (3)

  1. For the homefront one there’s Cinderella’s Dress, it has a little of the fanatical element too, I quite enjoyed it. For the third one, The Ghouls Guide to getting even seems to fit that category. Have not read it, so not sure how good it is.

  2. This is a fun idea! I might have to work up a post about what I’d like to see too. 🙂 I like your “fights the idea of “Not like Other Girls”. What you said is completely true. It’d be fun to see a super girly badass character.

    • It’s fun trying to remember all the things you want to see in more books. A super girly badass character would be so amazing. I will be waiting for one.

  3. Have you read Rilla of Ingleside? It perfectly fits your bill of home front fiction – Rilla is the youngest daughter of Anne Shirley-Blythe. If you haven’t read all of the Anne Shirley books, you could still read Rilla, since it is sort of a stand-alone. It helps to have some familiarity with Anne, Gilbert and their children, but it isn’t strictly necessary. It’s set in Canada, not in England, but Canada entered WWII pretty early on.

    It is also a bit devastating, actually.

  4. YES to the trope of not being like other girls. I love it when authors can circumvent that. In particular, when they can circumvent the thing where the unconventionally girly protagonist has an antagonist character who IS conventionally girly. Did you read Rachel Hartman’s Seraphina? There was a nice subvention of the trope in that, and I loved it.

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