Reading Resolutions for 2015

I talked recently about blogging fatigue. A lot of people gave good advice and helpful hints. The best and most helpful advice was read. Just read and let blogging come if it wants to. With that in mind, here are my reading resolutions for the new year!

  1. If I find a series that I really enjoy, go ahead and binge read it! I did that a few times this year and it was great. It was so refreshing to have fresh memories of previous installments.
  2. Non-fiction isn’t as bad as I thought. I should pick up more of it. I don’t have to read it cover to cover. I can if I’m interested but it’s perfectly okay to skim and read the interesting-to-me sections.
  3. Embrace my reading kicks. If in my mood for a specific type of book, go ahead and read as many of those types of books as I want. So what if there’s not a lot of variety? It doesn’t matter as long as I’m enjoying it.
  4. Go ahead and try different books if I feel up to it. I might discover that I actually like that genre of book. Mysteries, Adult fiction, novel-in-verse, there are so many other types of books that I neglect.
  5. Read more and maybe review less. Many times I don’t have much to say about a book and that’s okay. I can just make some quick  thoughts of a book and move on.

What are your resolutions for the new year?

14 thoughts on “Reading Resolutions for 2015

  1. I’m working on mine as we speak! 🙂 I like several of yours and the tone of mine will be similar – i.e. follow my reading where it takes me and not be too bound by “planned” reading. I actually have several book clubs that I participate in (not every month, but fairly regularly) and I think I need to cut back on that a bit (too much required reading). My main resolution, though, will be to focus more on local (Indiana) authors, both last and present, in the coming year. I want to be more supportive of the local literary “community” here.

    Good luck with your resolutions!

  2. Great thoughts! I haven’t made resolutions yet, but might try reading in the mornings. I think of it as decadent and something I don’t have time for on a work day, but instead I end up wasting time on social media that I could be using for reading!

  3. embracing your reading kicks is definitely a difficult one, especially when new books keep cropping up and they are all people are talking about. I’ve been struggling with following the popular YA books when actually I’ve wanted to use my time to read others which aren’t in that genre….worth it though- I’ve read some great, underappreciated books this year because of it!

  4. I like your resolutions. They are really great advice. We should definitely read what we feel like, when we feel like it. Very down to earth resolutions. I hope you manage to do just that!

  5. My resolution for this year is to read 40% non-American authors (maybe 45%? I haven’t decided completely), and 35% non-white authors. Obviously there will be some overlap there, but anyway, that’s my plan. I’d like to resolve to read 40% authors who are neither British nor American, but I don’t feel confident that I can manage that. :p

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