Discussion: Fighting Blogger Fatigue

let's talk Blogger fatigue is something all bloggers face if they’ve been at it for a while. I’ve been blogging for 3.5 years now and I’m really feeling it.

Blogging is becoming more of a chore. I love finishing books but I groan because that means I now ‘have’ to write a review or quick thoughts post for it (before I forget too much about the book). I just want to read a book. Then pick up another book without much thought.

Other posts can still be fun to write but only if I have an idea for a post. That’s why ‘other’ posts are few and far between.

I always used to love the community because it was fun to interact with people. I used to read quite a few blogs. I was an okay commenter and did well enough with interacting on Twitter. But lately? I haven’t been feeling it at all. It’s another thing that’s starting to feel like a chore. I’d much rather do any number of other things.

I’ve always said that if blogging stops being fun, you’re doing something wrong. Maybe I need to use the new year to revive my stance on blogging. Read more, review less? Review books only if I have interesting thoughts to share about it? Read different types of books because I’m growing to like them? Binge read series when I find one I really like? Something else?

How do you fight blogger fatigue?


20 thoughts on “Discussion: Fighting Blogger Fatigue

  1. I’ve been feeling blogger fatigue too lately but seeing all these interesting posts and book reviews popping up in the “reader” reminds me of why/how I fell in love with blogging in the first place πŸ˜€ It just inspires me I guess but the book reviews do feel like a chore …

  2. 3 and a half years is a long time to be blogging nearly every day. I’ve maintained my blog for roughly the same amount of time, but what’s helped me is that I usually post just once a week. As a regular reader of your blog, I’m amazed that you’re able to find something to post about every day! If you feel burnt out, you can try cutting back to 2 or 3 times a week to see if it helps. I’d still keep following your blog. πŸ™‚ Your “read more, review less” idea sounds good. Blogging shouldn’t take away from your love of reading just because you feel obligated to post a review about every book you read.

  3. I’ve been pretty lucky and I haven’t really had to deal with blogger fatigue. That’s not to say that sometimes I don’t want to do blogging stuff, but overall, I really enjoy it. I always like to keep in mind that I like writing reviews because I like being able to talk about the books I’ve read.

    I’m sorry you’re struggling with this right now. I do think it would be a good time to reevaluate your posting schedule. I’m not sure what would work for you, but it seems like this isn’t right now. 😦

  4. I do feel blogger fatigue sometimes so when i don’t feel like writing posts I don’t. And I also only review those books I really need something to say, not everything I read. I couldn’t do that even if I wanted to

  5. Some things that have helped me have been: taking a break; scheduling out blog posts in advance so I’m not under so much of a time crunch; and hunting out new bloggers to read. The last thing is sort of paradoxical — putting in MORE time with a hobby you’re already burnt out on — but it can be a burst of energy to have new bloggers in your circle to talk to and make online friends with.

  6. I think I went through this same thing all year long. So much so that I was ready to stop blogging altogether. Taking a break did help, but what really helped me was realizing that if I stopped, I couldn’t really participate in things I’ve loved doing, namely all the stuff that goes on in the blogging world at Christmas time. It was enough to recharge me.

    That being said, taking the time away, not feeling like I HAD to write something, was good for me. It gave me some time to just breathe, to read for fun, to not read if I didn’t want to. Since I’ve started blogging more, I’ve only posted when I want to and am trying to write things that I find entertaining/fun. I think with blogging you’ve gotta find what works for you and if what has always worked isn’t working anymore, step back and find something new.

    Best of luck! πŸ™‚

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  8. Blogger fatigue is something I’ve struggled with on and off for awhile. I’ve taken a few short breaks. Sometimes I just have to give myself permission to not review a book I don’t feel like reviewing. Eventually I get lured back in because I miss it.

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