Literature Web Series Round Up (2)

I’ve found some other series so I’m able to do another one of these round up posts! Check out other installments here.

Green Gables Fables

Based on “Anne of Green Gables” series by L. M. Montgomery

The scoop? Anne is a foster kid that just move to Avonlea. Marilla and Matthew are her foster parents. The vlog is her video diary about life and high school.

Currently airing. New episodes are sporadic.

My verdict? This is the perfect Anne. She really channels the talkative child we love. I really like how she feels modern but still a bit old fashioned.

Links: Website     Characters’ websites    Facebook   Youtube

Watch the playlist:

The Emma Project

Based on “Emma” by Jane Austen

The scoop? Emma is a college student trying her hand at vlogging.


My verdict? Emma needs to be more sure of herself. I do like how the videos feel more real and less finely polished.

Links: Twitter   Tumblr   Youtube

 Watch the playlist:

A Tell Tell Vlog

Loosely adapted from “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe

The scoop? Edgar Allan Poe is recording a serious vlog about his writing. Lenore is a ghost haunting him.


My verdict? It’s amusing to see Edgar compared to Lenore. Edgar is very serious. Lenore is very chatty and a bit Valley Girl-ish. I greatly enjoy it.

Links: Facebook  Youtube

Watch the playlist:

Frankenstein, MD

Based on “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley

The scoop? Victoria Frankenstein is an almost doctor. The videos are recordings of her experiments.


My verdict? I like her. She’s very type A and very sure of herself. Normally I like that kind of confidence but I can already see how her arrogance is going to hurt those around her. It was interesting to see her grow as a character.

Links: Facebook  Website Twitter

Watch the playlist:


How are you enjoying these web series?

Have you come across any other fun adaptions that I might have missed?


7 thoughts on “Literature Web Series Round Up (2)

  1. I am so loving all these vlog shows! Did you ever watch Emma Approved? Loved that one! I tried watching the Anne of Green Gables one, but I dunno… sort of lost interest. Maybe I should try it again. There’s also a Jane Eyre one, but like the Anne one I lost interest. Oh! And a Peter Pan one. Clearly I really got way into them for a while. 🙂

    A Tell Tale Vlog cracked me up. Shipwrecked, the group that makes them, is hilarious. If you get a chance, watch their “Kissing in the Rain” series (if you haven’t!) and then the video that’s Mr. Rochester’s wife singing… I watch that one on a regular basis and it never ceases to crack me up!

  2. Green Gables Fables is my favorite one ever! I might be at a slight bias since it is one of the few classics I have read and one of my favorite books of all time. And I like Frankenstein MD. That season ending was killer. I died. Tears were shed.

  3. I was holding off on Frankenstein MD until the episodes had all aired, so I need to catch up with it now! The ones I saw were excellent, and I know the whole thing’s all going to end badly. Eek!

    I hadn’t heard of Green Gables Fables but will be watching it! It sounds good!

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