Ask a Book Blogger (2)

Indie authors asked and now I’m answering. Here are some of the questions on their minds.

If there’s a book that you really like, how do you tell others about it (aside from this blog)? How do you learn about books that your friends liked? -H.S. Stone

My coworkers and I talk about books. We’re constantly recommending books to each other. The only downside is very few of them have ereaders so my recommendations for them generally end up being things in our catalog. I learn about books from them as well.

As for my online friends, I learn and talk about books on Goodreads or Twitter. If someone mentions a book several times, I’ll go look it up so see what they’re so excited about.

Since you work at a library, any tips or insights for authors who want to get their books into libraries?- H.S. Stone

You really need to get physical books produced. From there, do your research and see how you can get listed with distributors that libraries buy their books from. Don’t ever randomly email library branches about buying your book. Do your research and see who to talk to about purchasing books. Start locally before moving to other states across the country.

If you can’t or don’t want to get physical books produced, get your ebooks onto Overdrive. Most library systems use Overdrive for their ebooks. If you can get listed with the website, patrons can recommend the library buy your book. If your ebook isn’t on there, I don’t think a library system can or will buy your ebook for their collection.

If you really want to get your books into your local library, go talk to the librarians. You might be able to make a gift of some of your books to the collection. Make it abundantly clear you want them added to the collection. Be aware that you’ll probably need to give 3-5 physical copies of each book for that to happen. There’s no guarantee that they will be added. The books might be added plainly where patrons can check the book out but they can’t find it in the catalog OR the books are sold at library book sales.

Look into doing a program for the library. You might be able to sell and sign your books at your event. If you get enough interested patrons at your event, you can tell them to ask the library to buy your books for the collection. Libraries take customer requests seriously. A patron asking for a book is given more priority than an author asking for their book to be added to the collection.

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Authors, do you have questions you’d like answered?


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