Cover Love: Little Women

Apparently it’s tradition for me to do a Cover Love post when I discover new-to-me classic that I love. That works for me! Here are some lovely covers for different editions Little Women.

We’ll start off with my edition.

I usually like Penguin’s covers but this one is a bit odd. Scissors?! Maybe because Jo cut her hair?

I’m really digging the Penguin Threads series of covers.

Eeek. This one is really odd.

This Spanish edition is pretty cool. I love the dresses and it looks like they’re made of paper!

What do you think of these covers?  Are there other good ones out there?

12 thoughts on “Cover Love: Little Women

  1. I love the first and third covers… lovely tributes to one of my absolute favorites!! The fourth cover… not so much… ugggghh!

  2. LOVE the Spanish edition! It reminds me of the Little Women paper dolls I had when I was a kid. I had those ones and I had Prince Charles and Princess Diana ones, and I was deeply prejudiced against the Charles paper doll and the Beth paper doll. They were always teaming up together to do wicked deeds.

  3. Somehow these covers do their job and inspire to buy this book haha xD
    Is my english good enough to get my hands on it? 😀
    I am a bit afraid of reading non-ya book in english lol

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