Behind the Blog: Olivia at Books, Beauty, And Coffee

Behind the BlogGreetings to Olivia from Books, Beauty, And Coffee.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Olivia, I’m 19 years old, and I’m a book addict! The reason I started this blog was for not only books but also because of my chronic illness. I get to connect with people on both accounts which is really cool. I’m currently in college, studying nursing, and that’s about it! To sum it all up, I’m an old cat lady with too many books.

How did you end up here in the world of book blogging?

Oops, I think I might’ve answered some of this question in the one above. I saw on Goodreads that a lot of people blog about books on either wordpress or blogger and they post all kinds of things about them. I always loved reading and now I like to share my thoughts and opinions on the books I read through my reviews and I love hearing what other people think.

What types of books do you enjoy reading?

Young adult has to be my favorite type. I also like historical and mystery, but my blog is based around YA.

What do you bring to the world of book blogging? What’s unique about your perspective of books?

I’m also studying literature. (I take classes on the side while also taking nursing ones.) I’m not from a different country or a professional though. I’m just a girl who has too many books and drinks too much coffee.

Do you have any helpful hints about blogging?

Just blog about what you love. When you do that, it comes naturally.

What type of things always grab your attention in books?

As of now I’m really into fairy tale retellings and books about witches; books about anything ‘magic’ related really. Of course I like to look at reviews online before I buy them, but when I first see a book the cover is what gets me and then usually it’s usual where the book is set.

When you go to the library (or bookstore), do you bring a list of books to get or do you browse to find your next book?

Nope. I usually just go in and pick out whatever looks good to me. I mean sometimes, rarely, I’ll go in looking for a specific book but when that happens I usually walk out with at least 2 or 3 extras that I hadn’t planned on buying.

What book trends do you hope to see more of?

I would really like books based on witches and mythology to become more popular.

What books do you constantly recommend to other people?

I will forever and always recommend Beastly and Hush, Hush to anyone who will listen. Retellings and books about angels are my weakness.

Any exciting blog things happening in the future?

I’m hoping to get more reviews up and maybe even create my own book challenge.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Not really, I think that covered it all!


Thanks Olivia!

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