Monthly Round Up: August 2014

Hooray! Fall is on the way. I’m very ready for cooler weather.

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What’s ahead for September?

Nothing exciting that I can think of. I already have all of September’s posts scheduled so that’s nice. I can sit back and read and write posts at my leisure.

Normally I would be excited this time of year for Fall TV to come back but aside from The Big Bang Theory, I don’t think I watch any of the ‘normal’ TV shows coming back. That’s a bit weird for me. Oh well, I’ll just make good use of Netflix (and Doctor Who) to fill my TV void.

How was your August? Any exciting plans for September?

3 thoughts on “Monthly Round Up: August 2014

  1. I don’t know what my plans for September are! For sure, I’m going to be reading Judith Flanders’s The Victorian City, which is fascinating and awesome so far; apart from that, everything’s up in the air. My big goal for the month is that I want to write 30,000 words this month. I’m really determined to do it!

    • Oooh The Victorian City sounds interesting. I love learning about history with books like that. Good luck with your writing! Are you working on anything in particular?

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