Book Blogging Pet Peeves: Weird Review Requests

Book (Blogging) Pet Peeves is a feature where I do a mini-rant about book blogging things that annoy me. Feel free to join in! pardontherant Review requests are almost like a rite of passage for book bloggers. It doesn’t take long before you to start getting requests no matter how small the blog. I think I was blogging for a month before I got my first request. It’s awesome though because bloggers and authors can work together really well if they want to. I’m sure we all have had good experiences with authors.

What really annoys me are the weird requests. Even though I don’t accept many, I get a decent amount of review requests. For the most part, the books could generally be of interest to me. They’re either MG or YA books. Mostly likely fantasy or science fiction. I don’t accept them because they don’t totally interest me or they’re not “my” type of book (too high fantasy for me, etc). I appreciate those requests even though I don’t accept them. Then there are the really weird ones that don’t vaguely fit my blog. Just skimming through my recent emails here are some of the odd ones that stand out: Adult Thriller, Tween Self-Help, Adult Fiction set in India, Short Story Anthology of Miscellaneous Genres and Paranormal Romance. That’s only the stuff from the last month. I wish I could remember all the ones I’ve received since I started blogging because there have been some… peculiar ones.

My annoyance comes from the fact that the books clearly don’t fit my blog. Either the author (or the person emailing for them) is just flinging emails to the wall to see what sticks OR they read my policy, saw the book didn’t fit but felt their book was special or different, and sent the email anyway. I don’t like getting random emails so I made my policy as clear as possible. I know what I like and don’t like.  They’re really just wasting their time because I’m not going to read the book. I know it’s a silly thing and other bloggers probably get weirder requests but it really annoys me!


What are your thoughts on the subject? Do you get really weird review requests?
Feel free to share some of your really bizarre requests!

10 thoughts on “Book Blogging Pet Peeves: Weird Review Requests

  1. Great post! I have put a notice on my blog saying I am currently not accepting reviews but that does not deter them, although it has quietened a little recently. The random emails I got last month were from publisher/agents asking me to host give-aways for the book they were promoting. Both for authors I haven’t reviewed or heard of previously. I don’t host many give-aways on the blog.anyway. I think they get hold of your blog/contact details and as you say fling them out without really reading the blog or blog policy. When I do accept reviews like you I am discerning.

    • I’m not a fan of hosting giveaways for books I haven’t read. I really wish they would take the time to find the right bloggers. They could be saving themselves so much time by only emailing people that might actually accept the book!

  2. Thankfully I’ve only gotten a few requests in the year and a half I’ve been blogging. I stated right from the start that I wasn’t interested in receiving review requests, but I’m pleasantly surprised, after hearing so many stories about review policies being ignored, that I haven’t gotten more rule-breakers.

  3. I have this one that emails me all the time about mostly religious books and I have never accepted, but the emails continue. I’m also not taking review requests right now, but have continued to receive. I received one of my favorite author’s books, but that is the only review request I have accepted this summer.

  4. I’m not unduly fussed about weird review requests (right now — I feel like it goes in cycles, how I feel about them!). If it’s a waste of the publicists’ time to pitch books to me that I won’t read, it’s not MUCH of a waste of their time, and I can always say no.

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  6. I definitely get a lot of random requests that I almost always just ignore. With a lot of self-published writers, it’s clear that they’re just firing in all directions (regardless the style of my blog), sending generic emails about a book that would never interest me (like you said). My attitude is: You didn’t read my policy, you don’t deserve a response. I don’t even bother sending rejection letters most days. If it’s a request that’s legitimately thought out (references to specific posts, or a clear example for why I might like it), I’ll try to give a real response. But when it’s just spam, I don’t bother. I’m a little mean like that.

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