How To View Multiple Shelves On Goodreads

The shelves on Goodreads can be incredibly helpful if you’re on top of labeling your shelves. I personally have quite a few shelves. See?

Goodreads shelves

Have you ever wanted to see two (or more) shelves at the same time? Maybe you’re curious about the number of mystery books you have in your to-read pile. Maybe you want to see how many historical fiction books you’ve read and own. I can show you how to do that since it’s not very obvious. (I’ve only discovered it recently and I’ve been using Goodreads for years.)

Select one of your exclusive shelves towards the top (read, currently-reading, to-read). Once you click on one of the exclusive shelves, if you scroll to the bottom of your shelves you should see ‘select multiple’ option.

select multipleGo ahead and click ‘select multiple.’ Now you should be able to view as many shelves you’d like at once. Click the plus for each shelf you want to view.

Add your shelvesThe combinations are endless.

fantasy own to read

Enjoy your new power!

9 thoughts on “How To View Multiple Shelves On Goodreads

  1. I picked up on this a few days ago when I saw a couple of bloggers talking on Twitter. I’m SO glad this has been discovered!! I am constantly wishing I could combine shelves and this is a lifesaver.

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