Behind the Blog: Sarah at Confessions of a Bookaholic

Behind the BlogHello to Sarah from Confessions of a Bookaholic!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m 21 years old and a college student majoring in Public Relations & Advertising. I am hoping to get a job at a children’s publishing company when I graduate. I have always loved to read since I was really young and my go to books are mainly young adult fiction. Since I enjoy reading so much, I’ve started tutoring elementary aged students in reading this year. When I’m not reading or blogging I’m going out with my friends, to the beach, camping, or just relaxing around the house. I’m also a cheerleader, but definitely am not the sterotype when it comes to them. I love Disney and horror movies (polar opposites I know). When it comes to music I tend to listen to whatever is playing on the radio, but I love finding new artists that not many people listen to as well.

How did you end up here in the world of book blogging?

I decided to begin book blogging when I realized that I had no one to talk to about the amazing books I was reading. Most of my closest friends don’t read for pleasure like I do and the one that does only reads every now and then when they have time. So instead of boring them with talking about the books I’ve read, I decided to begin a blog. I’ve been blogging for close to seven months now and am so happy I started, but wish I had done this sooner.

What types of books do you enjoy reading?

Definitely young adult fiction, but anything and everything in that category. I love series and trilogies; summer, summer camp and beach themed books; thrillers are my current favorites.

What do you bring to the world of book blogging? What’s unique about your perspective of books?

I feel like what makes me different is that people who know me or meet me wouldn’t except me to be a reader or blogger. I feel like readers and bloggers get sterotyped and because I enjoy going out to the nightclubs, casinos and bars with my friends and let loose, a lot of people are surprised to find out that I spend a good amount of my free time with my nose in a book. I’m also going to school with the hopes of snagging a job at a children’s publishing firm to read and review books before they are published, so I’m hoping to continue what I’m doing now as a career in the future.

Do you have any helpful hints about blogging?

Don’t worry about how you review a book. I was scared at first that other bloggers would judge what I wrote and think it wasn’t good enough, but I quickly got over that. I will be honest though, your first few posts will probably be basic and as you continue they get better. (At least mine did.) Just read and write what makes you happy because that’s what’s most important.

What type of things always grab your attention in books?

I already mentioned in a book takes place in the summer or at a summer camp or beach I will read it. I love those books the most because I can read them in winter and feel like it’s summer. I love psychological thrillers where the characters don’t remember who they are or what happened to them.

When you go to the library (or bookstore), do you bring a list of books to get or do you browse to find your next book?

I generally tend to have a few books I’m going there to specifically look for and purchase, but after finding those books I will browse and find a few more that weren’t on my list. I actually found Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas by browsing and it’s one of my favorite books to date.

What book trends do you hope to see more of?

More psychological thrillers! Especially involving girls because I feel like it’s always a boy who’s the killer. I love being scared when I watch horror movies and if a book can have the same effect, I will fall in love with it and reread it in the future.

What books do you constantly recommend to other people?

Any of Miranda Kenneally’s books, Ten by Gretchen McNeil, Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas, Moonglass by Jessi Kirby, The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy, and most recently The Prince of Venice Beach by Blake Nelson

Any exciting blog things happening in the future?

I’ve recently joined an ARC Tour, so I will be reviewing quite a few books before they are published. I have also decided to try to complete 2 challenges, one being the Book Genre Challenge (for July it is classics) and the other being the 2014 DAC (debut author challenge). Definitely excited to see how many books I can read for the second one.


Thanks Sarah!

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2 thoughts on “Behind the Blog: Sarah at Confessions of a Bookaholic

  1. Hi, Sarah, and good to meet you!
    Since you’re a fan of Gretchen McNeil’s Ten, I wondered if you’ve read 3:59 as well. I just started reading it, and so far, I like it even better than Ten!

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