Discussion: Similarities And Deciding To Follow A Blog

let's talkThe book blogging community is a huge one. It makes sense because the world of books is huge as well. Each book blog out there is unique (to a certain extent) because the blog generally reflects the reading choices of the blogger.

Sometimes this means a blog will focus on a very specific type of book (Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Non-Fiction, etc). Other times maybe a blog will instead focus on an age range of books rather than genres (Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, etc). Of course there are the book blogs that are just an eclectic mix of any and everything a blogger reads. All of those are great choices. There are no rules for book blogging so you do what works best for you.

Since there are so many different types of book blogs out there, it would be almost impossible to find another book blog that 100% reflects what you read or your interests.

So…how do you decide on what blogs to read?

Do you follow blogs who are your “twin” and read ~90% the same books? This isn’t a bad idea. You feel the same way about a lot of books so when you read about a new-to-you book on the blog, chances are you’ll enjoy it. The only problem is you might be limiting yourself from other books out there.

Do you follow blogs who mostly read the same types of books? This is way I typically decide on following a blog. 50-75% of  the books reviewed/talked about are books I’ve read or I want to read. That allows me to connect to the blog/blogger and yet still expose me to new and different books.

Do you follow blogs that don’t read the same types of books as you? I really struggle with this one. I’ve met some really great book bloggers out there but our reading doesn’t overlap. They will leave really great comments so when I hop over to their blog to do the same thing, I struggle with it. I can’t find books I’ve read or have even heard of. They might read really great books but I don’t read XYZ  and may have no interest in doing so.

How about you? How similar does a book blog need to be to you for you to follow it? Do you follow a mix of book blogs? Do you have other criteria for following a blog?



28 thoughts on “Discussion: Similarities And Deciding To Follow A Blog

  1. I’m definitely quite an eclectic reader, so it makes it a bit easier for me to find blogs that review books I’m interested in. Because I like so many types of books. Definitely a strong factor is if they review books that I am somewhat interested in. But I do like to discover new books as well.

    For me, a HUGE factor in following a blog, though, is what they have to say. I actually really hate blog tours and cover reveals, so if I see a lot of those on a blog, I don’t follow.

    But I do know what you mean about how it is difficult to comment on blogs that review books you aren’t interested in.

    • I can imagine being an eclectic blogger really helps with that.

      Me too. I want to see other cool content on blogs besides tours and cover reveals!

    • I totally agree with this. I am not interested in blogs that are a wholly owned subsidiary of author promotion, inc. I think cover reveals are just completely inane, and unless the author happens to be Ernest Hemingway or Jane Austen (and they’re both dead), I just can’t bring myself to care about their writing rituals or their side business breeding shih tzus – anymore than they care about my career as a prosecutor and my (adorable, btw) golden retriever. So, if I see a lot of promo, I’m out.

  2. I fall into the camp of following blogs who mostly read the same types of books that I read. What will catch my attention initially are the books that I’ve read or plan to read that the blogger has also read, but what keeps me coming back is learning about new books that I wouldn’t have found on my own. However, if a blogger’s tastes are too different from mine, then I don’t know how much I can rely on their opinions, like movie critics who hardly ever like the same movies that I do.

    I think that’s what makes your blog a must read for me. Not only do we like a lot of the same books, but through you, I’ve found a lot of other books that I’ve ended up enjoying.

  3. I follow lots of classics blogs because I find that those books have the capacity to generate really interesting posts. I also follow bloggers who entertain me in some fashion – whether that is through perceptive writing, humor, or just general brilliance. Whether or not our reading really overlaps isn’t that important to me – I read a broad range of genres, so every blog (pretty much) has something to offer me. I don’t really read blogs for recommendations as much as for interesting perspectives on books.

    • That’s awesome that you look for perspectives on book rather than recommendations. I could see that being really helpful since everyone’s perspective is a bit different.

  4. I follow blogs where they person is interesting and I like their style of writing. I typically visit the ones that have books I’m interested in more. I never know what to say when the book being reviewed isn’t my kind of book, those are the posts I just like.

  5. I look for blogs that have more than just reviews. If these posts are interesting, it usually doesn’t matter if our reading tastes line up. Obviously it helps if there’s some overlap, but that’s one of the least important things for me. As long as I enjoy the writing style and the personality behind it, it’s probably a blog I’ll enjoy following.

  6. I think the blogs I follow read a pretty wide variety of different types of books — otherwise my insatiable appetite for things to add to my TBR list could not be sated. As for which blogs I choose to follow, damned if I know. It seems to happen completely by chance. I can’t remember how I started following 90% of the people in my Feedly. Which makes it hard to know how to find new blogs that I will love!

    • Variety can definitely be a good thing! I’m not sure how I came across several of the blogs that I follow either but I love seeing their posts in my feedreader.

  7. I agree with some of the other comments here – different content is something that attracts me to new blogs. Finding common ground in reading interests with a blogger is important too but I think I’m an eclectic reader so it is a bit easier for me. I think the other thing that really encourages me to follow a blog is if I see the blogger likes to engage in the comments on their blog and on others. If I see an interesting comment on someone’s blog, sometimes I’ll check out that commenter and see what their blog is about.

  8. When I first started blogging, I read a lot of different blogs from a wide variety of genres. Lately, that’s dwindled, as my job has gotten a lot more demanding and I find that I don’t have as much time as I used to.

    Now, I use the custom list feature in Bloglovin to prioritize my blog reading. I have a group of blogs that I consider my “core” reading, most of which write about similar topics as myself or are blogs that I’ve been following for years. Then I have a few other lists for when I have more time. I don’t feel bad marking all of those as read if they start to pile up.

    I don’t spend as much time discovering new blogs as I used to, and that makes me sad.

  9. I mostly follow blogs that review books in the same general genre, but I would like to follow more blogs with a variation in book topic. I read so many different types of books, and I would love to discover books I wouldn’t normally read. I personally review books in the same overall genre, but I do mention many other books from different subject areas in tags and hauls and other posts.

  10. I had never really thought about this, but I guess that I follow blogs that read more or less the same genres that I read or talk about books that I might like. I like to read and comment on posts about books that I’m interested in. I also like blogs that don’t focus exclusively on new bestsellers. I don’t have anything against those books or blogs and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them, but I like discovering books that I haven’t heard of.

    • I like reading about older books on other blogs as well, Hellen. Everyone talks about the new, shiny books. I like to find out about the books I might be missing out on.

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