Quick Thoughts: “Delirium” Pilot


Source: Hulu [Watch it here before it’s too late]

Summary from IMDB:

Set in a world where love is deemed illegal and can be eradicated with a special procedure. With 95 days to go until her scheduled treatment, Lena Holoway does the unthinkable, she falls in love.

My review of the book.


This was fast paced in the worst possible way. What’s the point of adapting a book series into a TV series if you’re going to put the entire first book into the first 45 minutes? Did they know the series wasn’t going to make it so they crammed too much into a tiny little window?

Rushing along made everything else pretty weak. Lena and Alex had no sparks. You see a boy twice and suddenly you’re in love? Even Lena and her friend, Hana, were completely boring. If things were spread out over the course of several episodes, I might have been able to feel the connections between the characters.

I read the book and things were still a bit fuzzy for me. I think that maybe because they started to pull elements from the other two books (which I haven’t read). Not enough time was devoted to anything so all the world building was pretty terrible for me. I wonder how people who haven’t book felt about the world building and story?

I was just really annoyed because the story had the potential to be good. I think things would have been SO much better if the story was stretched out and was allowed to develop naturally. Devote 2-3 episodes per book or at least devote ~an hour and a half episode per book.

The bottom line? I was disappointed and sadly now we’ll never know if the series would have got better over time.

10 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: “Delirium” Pilot

  1. It was a strange decision to pack the whole book into one hour of television! Where were they going to go next? They added the Julian character who appears from the second book. I think they had enough story going on already cramming the whole first book in there!
    Totally agree that they should have stretched out the story, and as it stands it makes sense the pilot didn’t get picked up.

  2. I have not read the book, but I agree with many of the points. This tv show had some great actors and I think it had the potential to be good, but the story is just rushed. I watch a tv show on hallmark called Cedar Cove and they went through the first five books in the first season so at that rate they will only have two seasons.

  3. The rushing of the story was my biggest problem as well. I felt like Alex fell in love with Lena after one sentence and it seemed awkward. There were some plot changes which I didn’t mind that much, but some of them didn’t make sense to me.

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