Give It To Me (10): Mugs

I’m always finding super awesome things online that I don’t need but I definitely want. Give It To Me is going to be my way to highlight these awesome products and embrace my inner geek.

I really, really like mugs. They’re a fun way to show off your personality and they’re relatively easy to store. I know I’m going to go crazy with buying them once I have a real place to store them in my future place. Here are some that have been catching my eye.

Jane Austen mug (Buy from ETSY)

Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Mug (Buy from the Universal Store)

My co-worker bought this for me on her trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Princess Bride Mug (Buy from Cafe Press)

First Lines of Literature Mug (Buy from The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild)

Do you have any cool bookish mugs?


11 thoughts on “Give It To Me (10): Mugs

  1. Love the last one! I would drink coffee out of that. I haven’t got any bookish mugs currently, although I have a whole collection of Disney movie drinking cups. Which makes me almost as happy as a bunch of bookish coffee mugs would.

  2. These are absolutely amazing. I’m in love with the Harry Potter one! I don’t have a book-related mug yet, but I will make sure that I do soon :o)

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