Monthly Round Up: May 2014

I’d say I’m happy that another month is over but my problem is we’re closing into summer. Summer is nice because everyone wants to be outside and fun things are going on. I’m just not looking forward to all the hot weather. We’ve already had a few grossly hot days this spring. I don’t want months on end of hot days. 😩

Oh well, there’s not much we can do. Let’s take a look at what happened in May!

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What’s ahead for June?

Lots of things! My birthday is in June as well as my blogoversary. Yep, that’s right. The Cheap Reader will be 3 years old! The Summer Reading Program at the library is going on.  That just gives me an excuse to read lots so I can win prizes. 😉

Finally the most exciting thing of the month is….


I’m not sure exactly when I’ll be going back to work but it is soon. I know everyone jokes that they would like to have a ‘vacation’ from work but honestly it’s pretty rough. Come on, it’s unemployment. Now I just need to be thankful to have a job and start buckling down to try and find a real job.

How was your May?

What’s in store for June?


8 thoughts on “Monthly Round Up: May 2014

  1. Hurray for the end of your furlough! Does the library have plans for you to organize events and displays over the summer? And happy birthday and happy blogaversary!

    • The Summer Reading Program has just started so that will be our focus until the end of July. That gives me time to get back into the groove and start planning my displays/programs to start after the craziness of SRP is over. I didn’t want to jump right back into things because my work takes quite a bit of planning beforehand.

  2. I’m turning 31 a week from today. And I’m also not really looking forward to summer… the heat and I just don’t get along. After the winter we just had, I’m kind of hoping for a mild summer, but who knows.

  3. Happy early birthday and early blogging birthday, and congrats on the end of the furlough!!

    We’ve had some hot days so far, and hotter ones are promised. I am trying not to think about it. The upside is that I have been taking the bus in to work this year, which means an aggressively air-conditioned ride to work without any guilt (I try to save the AC in my car for truly unbearable times, but I am weak, and the summer is so hot, and sometimes I am just like, Oh screw the environment, I need the AC!).

    • Thank you! The end of the month (when most of that is happening) can’t come soon enough.

      AC is definitely a life saver. No shame in trying to stay cool!

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