Self Published eBook Recommendations?

Several months ago, Publishers finally settled their cases with the eBook pricing case. People who were affected by the pricing were given money back to their eBook accounts. Here and here are some articles to read if you’re curious about the situation. I received ~$7.50 in my settlement. I bought a book so I have $6.18 left.

I thought it would be nice to ‘give back’ to self published authors by purchasing their books with my remaining credit. I’m never worried about self published authors trying to price people out. They’re always fair with their prices because they want to get their books in the hands of readers. This is a little thank you for that.

My only real requirements are the books need to be on Amazon and either be a Young Adult or Middle Grade book. Leave your recommendations in the comments with a link to Amazon.

Anyone have any great self published book recommendations?

Authors, you are more than welcome to recommend your books to me as well!


Thanks to your suggestions I made a few purchases! Thanks for all your recommendations. I really appreciate it.

Thorn by Intisar Khanani

Freak of Nature by Julia Crane


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  1. Can I pitch my own books? J/K! I think you mentioned that you already have the Shattered Worlds anthology because that includes some good YA books I would recommend. I started reading the Frost Chronicles by Kate Avery Ellison ( I’m on book 3 now. The problem is that it’s a 5-book series, so if you get hooked, it’s going to cost you a lot more! There’s also a good 4-book series called Elei’s Chronicles by Chrystalla Thoma. I’ve read the first 2 so far. The first book is Rex Rising at For a standalone book, try Freak of Nature by Julia Crane ( I think there’s a sequel to it now, but Freak of Nature can stand on its own. Happy reading!

  2. Alison, one of my favourite self published indie authors is S.M. Boyce. I just love her Grimoire Saga. The first book Lichgates is actually free, but if you like it then you can get the other books in the series. I also like Nikki Godwin, though I have only read one of her books. Her most popular one is American Girl on Saturn and I’ve heard great things about it. I also love love Janelle Stalder, but she is writing mostly NA now. She does have a great YA fanatasy series though, called Eden, it is available as a boxed set or individually.

    • Thanks for the great recommendations, Valeria! I just downloaded Lichgates. Sounds interesting! I’ll have to look into your other suggestions as well.

  3. I’m not sure if she is self published or not, but an ebook author I have fell in love with is Jamie Campell and her fairy tale series so far I have read Killing Snow White and Cinderella is Evil. My recommendation would be to buy Through a Tangled Wood You can read Killing Snow White in that one and it is free. I have a full review of the anthology if you want to see which stories are worth reading. Then Cinderella is Evil is also free. I haven’t read the other ones, but I plan to purchase them soon.

    • Great minds think alike! I actually just started reading Through a Tangled Wood tonight. I’ll have to check out Campbell’s work after reading the anthology.

  4. I really enjoyed Hollow’s End by Marianne Morea. It’s loosely based on the legend of Sleepy Hollow and is a fun, supernatural YA tale. The second book I’d recommend is also a retelling, but is much more like the original Goose Girl on which it’s based. It’s called Thorn and is by Intisar Khanani. I hope you find something good to read 🙂

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