Bout of Books 10 Wrap Up

Bout of Books
The end is here. We have reached the end of Bout of Books! This has been a fun week.
Let’s take a look at how I did.

My Goals

  • I typically read about 2 books a week. My goal is to read at least 3 books this week.
  • I’m also planning on writing reviews for the books I finish this week as quickly as I can after finishing them. I don’t want them setting in my drafts folder for weeks!
  • I’ve never done Bout of Books before but I’d like to try at least one challenge for the week.

My goal was to read 3 books for the week. I ended up reading 8 books for the week. I’d say that’s a pretty big win!

My goal was to write reviews quickly after I finished the book. I ended up staying on top of my reviews. I typically had a review written and scheduled about an hour after finishing a book. I really like that feeling. I’m hoping to keep this up even though Bout of books is over.

My goal was to participate in at least one challenge. I ended up doing just one! This was what I made for the Spell It Out Challenge.

The Cheap Reader

Quick overview

8 books, 2059 pages read

This was a great first time experience. I think Bout of Books is a fun thing to do when you have endless free time like me (yay furlough). I’ll be working again when the next one comes around. Obviously I won’t be this productive again but I may still end up signing up.

How did you end doing this Bout of Books?


10 thoughts on “Bout of Books 10 Wrap Up

  1. Brilliant! I really want to try doing a readathon but I’m suddenly so busy. It’ll have to be my own little readathon whenever I get a weekend free or something, try to blitz through 3 or 4 books. Brilliant update, congrats for getting 8 books read- holy moly, that’s impressive!

    • That would be a great way to spend a weekend!
      Thanks! The trick is to have some easy reading (Middle/elementary school level books and novellas) along with your huge books. You get a bit of a variety and it makes you feel a bit more accomplished. 😀

  2. wow 8 books is a great win! Also, congrats on keeping up with the reviews, I’m kinda getting behind with mine now, and I think I need to sit down and just focus on them for a couple of hours. Look forward to sreading with you in the next B-O-B.

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