Monthly Round Up: April 2014

What?! I can’t believe May is here already.

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I don’t think May will be very exciting around here. I’ve got most of May actually scheduled so I can take it pretty easy which is nice. I’ll be participating in Bout of Books for the first time which will be fun.

I want to try to play around with Codeacademy soon. It’s a pretty cool website that teaches you to code in many different computer languages. I don’t expect to be an expert in anything soon. I thought it would be a useful thing to know that if I ever choose to self host AND I could put on resumes if I get good enough.

Netflix: I’m all over the place with my TV watching, haha. I finished Firefly last month. It’s definitely better than I thought it would be. I’m watching Heroes pretty regularly. It’s still pretty interesting and fun. Luther is pretty good as well but it’s NOT a bedtime show for me. It’s wayyy too dark to watch right before bed. I started watching an episode of Agatha Christie’s Marple last night. I thought it was pretty good possibly because it’s one of the newer adaptions. I have a hard time getting into older shows. I wasn’t terribly wild about Miss Marple the character yet but I like the mystery and the other characters. I need to find some TV shows without crime! They’re all over my queue. I should probably watch some of the movies in my queue as well. I seem to only watch TV on my instant stream.

How was your April? Any big goals for May?


4 thoughts on “Monthly Round Up: April 2014

  1. I loved Firefly! Didn’t expect to but I really really enjoyed it. You should watch Serenity (the Firefly movie) sometime; now THAT is good TV!

  2. My only goal for May is to be properly faithful about the readalong of Lady Audley’s Secret that Alice (of Reading Rambo) is hosting. I’m determined not to forget about it any more than I already have. In TV, I’m planning to watch the new show Penny Dreadful when that premieres — it looks magical.

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