Hogwarts is Here

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you’ve probably wondered what it would be like to attend Hogwarts at least once in your life. Rejoice because the people at Hogwarts is Here have made attending Hogwarts somewhat possible. A large group of fans rallied together to make a pretty functional version school website for Hogwarts. If you can get past the fact that you’re using computers and the internet to access Hogwarts, you can enroll in some classes!

hogwarts is hereAs you can see, the main webpage looks a lot like many university websites. You can go through can click on all the tabs.



academicsStudent Life:

student lifeCommunity:

communityAnd Careers: (so you can live out your dream of being a Hogwarts professor)

careerIf you decide to sign up for classes, your profile looks like a mix of Facebook and online classes. This is what your main feed will look like:

main feedYou’ll see your name (which you can make up a persona like I did or use your real name), a feed for your house (you choose which house you’re in), messages, friends, your classes, Hogwarts (the Great Hall, your dorm, common room, and library), and Diagon Alley (Gringotts Band and Flourish & Blotts to purchase books).

Take a look around the library! You can read some of these books.


These are the courses you can enroll in:

coursesYou can enroll in as many as you’d like.

HerbologyIt’s set up very much like real online college classes. There are no due dates for first years so you work at your own pace. It looks like they’re only opening up each lesson a week at a time.

You better believe you have homework. They’re a mix of discussion questions,


quizand essays.

essayThe site is very well thought out and put together. It’s fun to see what would go on in some of these classes. I can see why the students were always doing so much homework! There’s a lot to do!

Overall, it’s a fantastically fun idea but I probably won’t stick around for too long. I don’t want to do homework but I like seeing the homework.


What do you think of the site?


8 thoughts on “Hogwarts is Here

  1. This is cool! I had fun just generating my acceptance letter. There’s one thing I wish could be replicated online — eating the food in the Great Hall. Whenever they dine in the Harry Potter movies, I get hungry watching all of the yummy food!

    Also, I didn’t realize this at first, but the ads on the pages aren’t affiliated with them. I clicked on one about getting financial aid to go to school, thinking that they were clever enough to even include fake advertising relevant to Hogwarts, but it was a real ad. Guess I’m just gullible. 🙂

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