Judging A Book By The Cover: The Good Surprises

We’ve all heard it said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. For the most part, I try to live by that. With that said, on some level I still do judge books by their covers. These are some books that I’ve been pleasantly surprised by.

Wool by Hugh Howey

This cover kind of screams Self Published. It’s really simple and looks like there wasn’t a lot of work put into it. Thankfully I looked past that and gave the book a chance. It ended up being really good and I enjoyed all the parts of the first serial.

The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart

It’s a frog…What on Earth does that have to do with a boyfriend list? It’s the only thing on the cover so you can’t even advert your eyes to something else. Plus it’s not even a cute frog. Everything worked out amazingly well though because the book was fantastic. The series is one of my favorite contemporary YA series out there even if the covers are all a bit…lacking.

The Princess Bride by William Goldman

This is the cover of the library copy I checked out years ago. It’s really not appealing. You can barely make out the illustration on the  cover. It’s just not pretty to look at. I distinctly remember making an Ewww face when I got my hold. I sucked it up though because of how much I enjoyed the movie. The book was absolutely delightful even if there aren’t great covers for the book.

What books have you been pleasantly surprised with despite the cover?

Check out the book covers I’ve been disappointed in here.


8 thoughts on “Judging A Book By The Cover: The Good Surprises

  1. The one that immediately comes to mind is Something Like Normal by Trish Doller…. the cover looks like any other teen romance with a female protagonist, but it is actually the story of a male soldier returning from deployment and dealing with PTSD and coming home. Much smarter and deeper than a boy kissing a girl, like on the cover.

  2. I judge books by their cover quite a bit. It’s hard to judge a book by anything else though, since it’s often all you have to go on when deciding whether or not to bother reading the synopsis. Some of my biggest pleasant surprises have been indie books like Special Offers and Goodwill Tour, which both turned out to be much better than their covers 🙂

  3. There are quite a few books where I’ve been pleasantly surprised. For example, some translated books where the Spanish cover is… not as nice as the original (and that’s sometimes a huge euphemism). Also, books that were on shelves, where the title on the spine was what got me interested in reading the synopsis.

    • That’s a bummer that the Spanish covers aren’t as nice. I love looking at book covers from different countries. I tend to like the UK’s covers more than the US covers.

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