Reading Outside the Box: Calling Self Published Authors!

As my readers know, I’m working on a personal challenge of trying to push myself to read a bit out of my comfort zone. I even made up a whole challenge about it!

reading outside the box

I’m working my way through the list. As you can see, there are a wide range of books on there. As you might also see, I included “self published” as a square. Self publishing is becoming more and more common these days. I’ve discovered some real gems in the self publishing world and I wanted participants in the challenge to try and find some as well.

Right…back to why I asked you here. I thought I would do an open call for a self published book to fulfill my challenge. It helps me mark off a box and it would help an author with a guaranteed honest review (on several platforms).  That’s a decent deal for both of us, right?

Now for the fine print of the deal…

  • This will an honest review.  That may mean I don’t like a book. I don’t rip books to shreds but I’m clear about why the book didn’t work for me.
  • Authors will only pitch me books on this post. No emails please.
  • In the pitch, I would like the title, author, summary in your own words and a link to Goodreads/Amazon. Bonus if you want to tell me why I might like the book. 🙂
  • Young Adult and Middle Grade books only.
  • Overview of preferred genres: Science Fiction, Dystopia, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Mysteries.
  • Self published is obviously a requirement.
  • I’ll leave this up for a week or two for anyone who wants to pitch their book. I will try to get the book read and reviewed as quickly as I can. Beware that it might take 4-6 weeks for the review to be posted here.
  • I will be picking one book for the square. (I may be open to taking on more books if several books catch my interest.)
  • Author needs to be willing to email me a review copy of their book if chosen. Kindle friendly please.

That should cover all the bases. If there are any other questions, ask below!

If you’re an author interested in this, please post your pitch in the comments below!

Are you participating in the Reading Outside the Box Challenge? If you are and you’re willing to do something like this as well, comment below (or link to your own post like this). I’d be happy to send some authors your way as well. I’ll also post your links/blogs here.


12 thoughts on “Reading Outside the Box: Calling Self Published Authors!

  1. How can I pass up an opportunity to pitch one of my books to you? 🙂

    Title: Keep Your Enemies Close
    Author: H.S. Stone
    Summary: First, the probes arrived. Then the mother ship landed. Then Lia’s world changed forever. With the alien invaders’ arrival, Lia and her best friend, Bryn, sign up for military duty to protect their town. When the aliens attack, however, Lia and her comrades are helpless to stop them. Worse, after the attack, she discovers that several of the townspeople, including her family, were abducted. Despite Lia’s pleading, no one wants to save those taken by the aliens. Desperate to rescue her parents and her little sister, Lia turns to the only source of help she can find… a captured alien invader.
    Why you might like the book: I’ve followed your blog for a while now and noticed that we share a lot of common reading preferences. Since this is a story that I like (of course, since I wrote it!), I’m hoping you’ll like it too.

    • Hi H.S.! Your book is the chosen one! Feel free to email me a kindle copy whenever you can and I’ll get to reading it as quickly as I can.

  2. Title: India Was One
    Author: An Indian

    …Suddenly, he saw something shiny at the bottom of the abyss. He squinted his eyes to see what it was. He ran back to his binoculars and turned them to see what it was. Sharp barbed wires that separated the two mountains came into focus. He had come as far as he could in his country. But she was standing in another country.

    He was in South India and she was in North India…

    Have you ever imagined India being divided into two countries? What happens to the millions of Indians who are from South India but are now residing in North India? Kaahi & Jai were two such people who got trapped in this situation. Everything was going smoothly for them and suddenly, their world turned upside down.

    How will they get together? Will India become one again?

    Take an exciting journey with them from their college days in Mumbai to their life in the US and back to India when they find out that India is divided.

    4.1 based on 58 on Amazon –
    3.8 based on 71 on Goodreads –

  3. Hi there, a friend who loved Hunger Games recommended I check this out. I self published ’97’ in December of last year.

    Descendents of an ancient Warrior race are being hunted down by the monsters that created them, in modern times. One of these Warriors holes up in a small town in Oregon where he meets a plain Jane who delivers newspapers to pay for her Smartphone.

    They have an uneasy peace, but there are obstacles: the Lochspawn beasts that deliver death blows like pizzas. The Warlochs that created them and happen to be immortal. And don’t forget the Ticks. This is a group of snarky teens at Jane’s high school who can’t be nice to save a life.

    William is on his 97th life. With only two left, he just might have to choose to hoard what he has left, or use them up to save the girl he loves.

    V. L. Holt

    97 is fast-paced, entertaining, and best of all…completely clean but intelligent. Thanks for listening.

  4. Hey there! What a great exercise in getting out of one’s usual genres. I love the bingo-board type shape. I think I will have to give this a try.
    To fulfill your self-published square, I have a great YA self-published gem that is deep in the rough and would love some patronage. That book is called “That Freak Kid” and it’s a Goth-interest coming-of-age/romance that has already pulled in some faithful fans. I wrote it as a young adult myself and cleaned up the technical bits as I learned them later in college, so it reads true to the YA experience while providing a captivating read. The reviews on Amazon continue to amaze me and I’m so glad that people enjoy reading TFK as much as I enjoyed writing it! In a nutshell, TFK follows the intertwined lives of Amy Stevens, a painfully shy, nerve-wracked, sheltered Freshman, and Jack Holly, a crass, unapologetic, frightening Goth boy. The two struggle through petty teachers, pissed off parents, peer expectations, love, lust, parties, fights and even bomb threats. As the two learn more about each other, they begin to see their own worlds in a different light–a light that maybe helps navigate the seemingly-endless black tunnel of high school.

    The deets;
    Title; That Freak Kid
    Author; Samantha Stemler
    Link; (Amazon):
    LInk (goodreads):

    give it a look! Best of luck with the rest of the board! 🙂

  5. Hi Alison,
    Good for you with this challenge! I am sort of a book “junkie” myself, walking out of a library with as many books as I possibly can carry because how can you pass one up? That one has a great title, that one has a bright yellow cover, that one’s author’s name starts with the letter “X”…every book calls my name and each has its story to tell. 😉

    Anyway, I’m also here to offer the first book of my self-published SOLID series (for teens and tweens). The basic premise is:

    Clio Kaid may be 17 and just beginning the last summer before her senior year, but her life is anything but typical.

    She’s just discovered she was genetically altered before birth and is now headed to a top-secret Army campus to explore the surprising results of the experiment.

    Follow Clio and the other teens as they develop fantastic super-abilities, forge new friendships, find love, and uncover a conspiracy along the way.

    The Amazon link is here:

    And at my website I have everything else you could be looking for; the “About” page has excerpts from all 3 books as well as some interview questions.

    Let me know if you need anything else or if you’re just interested in an ebook to read for fun after your box challenge is through. 🙂

    Shelley Workinger

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