Based on Book Movie Trailers (2)

We have some new YA book to movie adaptions being released this year. Here some of the new trailers:

The Giver

It looks…interesting. I like the dystopian feel with the guards. I’m a bit disappointed that it’s not in black and white. It doesn’t look like how I imagined it but I’m interested in seeing more.

The Maze Runner

Looks good! I wasn’t totally in love with the book but I’m interested in seeing the story play out.

What do  you think of the trailers?


4 thoughts on “Based on Book Movie Trailers (2)

  1. I didn’t know they were making a film adaptation of The Maze Runner! I thought the premise of the book was good, but the execution wasn’t that great. If the trailer is indicative of the rest of the movie, then the movie will be better than the book!

  2. Whyyyyy is The Giver trailer not in black and white? I’m hoping that soon the movie’s creative team will give an interview to explain what is going on there. I feel like that would be so visually interesting in a film, to have Jonas beginning to see colors — it seems crazy to miss that opportunity.

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