Book Review: “Doctor Who: Touched By An Angel”

“Doctor Who: Touched By an Angel” by Jonathan Morris

Genre: Adult Fiction, Science Fiction

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GoodreadsSource: Library

Summary from Goodreads:

“The past is like a foreign country. Nice to visit, but you really wouldn’t want to live there.”

In 2003, Rebecca Whitaker died in a road accident. Her husband Mark is still grieving. He receives a battered envelope, posted eight years ago, containing a set of instructions with a simple message: “You can save her.”

As Mark is given the chance to save Rebecca, it’s up to the Doctor, Amy and Rory to save the whole world. Because this time the Weeping Angels are using Mark himself as a weapon to change history. Will the doctor stop mark or will the angels feast?


I have to say I was pretty impressed with this book. I’ve read another Doctor Who novel and wasn’t impressed. It was pretty quick and a bit boring. I’m really glad I gave the novels another try. Touched By An Angel is just what you’d hope a Doctor Who book to be like. It was fun and had a wonderful adventure.

The story was really great. The Weeping Angels are my favorite Doctor Who villains/creatures. I couldn’t pass up a book featuring them. I loved that there was some depth to the Angels in this book. They weren’t there just to attack. They were actively plotting for something to happen. Who knew they were evil geniuses?

Time Travel always makes for a good story but it also creates a complicated story. Not changing the past is incredibly difficult to do especially when you have tragedy in your past. This book explores those difficulties.We meet Mark and Rebecca. We see the struggles Mark is going through by living in the past without being able to help his loved ones. It’s a very hard road. You can empathizes with Mark because the basic premise of living through the past without stopping your wife’s death is easy to understand the difficulty. Mark and Rebecca turn out to be very likeable so you feel even worse for their circumstances.

The bottom line? Surprisingly great story! Not to mention it would have made for a fantastic episode.

What are your thoughts? (Comments are moderated. Yours will be up as soon as I read it!)

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