Emma Read-A-Long Part Six

Part 6: Part 3- Chapters 10-19

!!! Frank and Jane are engaged?! That does explain a lot. I’m glad that they finally came out with it and we got to hear Frank’s side of the story.

I kind of wanted to roll my eyes at Emma finally realizing that she’s in love with Mr. Knightley. I was happy to see that she resolved to make sure Harriet and Mr. Knightley ended up happy even if she didn’t end up happy. It shows how far she’s come along.

Things end up wrapping up pretty quickly in these final few chapters. Frank and Jane are paired off. Harriet thinks she’s in love with Mr. Knightley. Emma and Mr. Knightley realize they are in love with each other and get engaged. Mr. Martin proposes to Harriet again. She accepts. Everyone lives happily ever after.

The ending is a bit too perfect but I’m okay with it. Everyone ends up with someone who truly loves them (even nasty Mr. Elton). What more could you want?

I’ll post a full review of Emma in the coming months.

Emma Approved

I’m a bit worried about where the story is going. There’s a lot of conflict going on. John is mad at Izzie. Izzie is mad at Emma. I’m pretty sure Alex is a bit mad at Emma. Hopefully we can figure out where that storyline is going.

I keep saying it but we need to meet Frank, Jane, and Mrs. Elton soon! As far as adapting these final chapters, I’m almost positive that there won’t be any marriages at the end of Emma Approved. I do hope for some sweet romance/kissing scenes though. 😉

What are your thoughts on the story so far?

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4 thoughts on “Emma Read-A-Long Part Six

  1. I’m not thrilled with the whole Izzie plotline — when they’ve strayed from the Emma story in the past, it hasn’t been my favorite, and this isn’t either. We’ll see what happens. I thought it was unfair of Izzie to blame Emma for the fight with John — Izzie’s a grown-up woman! She could have turned down the Hawaii trip, and declined to take Emma’s advice, and she didn’t.

  2. Things did wrap up incredibly quickly! While I like that everything works out in Austen’s books, having Mr. Knightley confess his attraction to Emma as soon as she realizes she likes him seemed like too much, too fast to me. I’d have liked to see her misconceptions about his feelings play out a little more. I did really like how Emma had matured. I think she’s a much better person at the end of the book than she was at the beginning.

    Thanks for hosting a fun read-along! I enjoyed this one a lot 🙂

    • I thought it moved a bit fast as well. I would have liked to see them date a bit before getting engaged!

      Thanks for reading along! I love chatting about books while I’m reading them. It’s great to get another perspective on the book!

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