Emma Read-A-Long Part Five

Part 5: Part 3- Chapters 1-9

Ugh. Frank is back. I’m glad that Emma is growing less attached to him. The ball finally came and things went smoothly enough. I really loved that Frank doesn’t like Mrs. Elton either. She’s really bothersome. Poor, poor Harriet! I really couldn’t believe how awful the Eltons were to her! Mr. Knightley was so incredibly sweet. I teared up a bit when he came to Harriet’s rescue.

I’m so glad that Harriet is getting rid of the Elton mementos. It really shows how mature she is. I really loved that Emma was able to keep her mouth shut about her thoughts on Harriet and Frank. We know she is mentally pairing them but I’m pretty sure that won’t work out.

The more of Frank and Jane that I see, the more I’m convinced there’s something going on between them. I know we aren’t actually seeing anything happen between them but I’m still getting a vibe from them. I don’t think it’s going well though. Frank seems to be the one doing things to annoy Jane like flirting with Emma or the situation with the word puzzles. If there is something going on between them, I hope Jane leaves Frank. [Obviously, I’m not a Frank fan.]

I’m glad that Mr. Knightley put Emma in her place about her comments about Miss Bates. He wasn’t mean about the situation but said what needed to be said. We know Emma’s heart is good and hadn’t realized her words could be so hurtful or have power. I wonder why Jane cut Emma off? Was it because of what Emma said about Miss Bates? I do hope they make up.

Emma Approved

Hmm. I’m not loving that the show is straying from the book. Isabella and John aren’t having relationship trouble in the book so I’m not sure where that storyline is going. This better be leading somewhere good and I hope they aren’t cutting a story from the book to make room for this storyline.

I really hope we get new characters (Frank, Jane, and/or Mrs. Elton) soon.

What are your thoughts on the story so far?

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7 thoughts on “Emma Read-A-Long Part Five

  1. I need to re-read Emma, I only read it for A level English so that was around 5 years ago– but oh god, i remember hating Frank Churchill so much haha

  2. Bleh, Frank Churchill. He’s such a jerk — they made him much less loathsome in Clueless, although pretty silly there. I’m really psyched for him to show up on Emma Approved. Mr. Knightley’s too sure of himself; I’d like to see him having to get a little jealous. :p

  3. You were so right about Mr. Elton! He was just terrible to Harriet and I was also so glad when Mr. Knightley went to her rescue. I agree that if Frank and Jane are having a romantic relationship, things must not be going well. Perhaps I was wrong about the nature of their relationship, but they have some other sort of shared history? I’m also curious what has drawn Mr. Knightley off so suddenly and why Jane decided to take the governess position and if all of these things have anything to do with one another and with Frank leaving. I’m going to go finish the book right now because I’m too curious to wait 🙂

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