Furlough Reading

Without going too much into my personal life, I’m going to have to take a furlough from work soon. As you would expect the situation is a bit rough. I’m going to try to make the best of it though and make good use of my free time. I’m planning on reading as much as I can during my time off.

Here are some books I’d would like to read during my time off:

I also want to take advantage of just going to the library and grabbing a bunch of books off the shelf because they look interesting. I haven’t had time to do that in ages.

Any suggestions of books that I should read now that I’ll have some time to do it?


9 thoughts on “Furlough Reading

  1. I miss just going to the library and getting whatever looks interesting, too. I haven’t been even going to the library because my reading was so slow last year and my TBR got very out of control!

    • The good news is I’ll be able go back to my job after 3 months of furlough. After that, I’ll need to start looking for a more steady job (which is easier said than done).

  2. Dang, that is a bummer but happy! I hope you can make the best of it and it sounds like you are with all the reading you have planned.
    What about some long ones you might have been putting off? I keep looking for time to read some of those chunksters…

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