Emma Read-A-Long Part Four

Part 4: Part 2- Chapters 10-18

Emma and Frank’s relationship is a bit odd. She thinks she must be in love with him but has no reason for why that is? I’m definitely thinking this might be a case of her liking him a lot more than he likes her. I do appreciate the fact that he’s keeping in touch with the Westons. Katie had an interesting theory last week of Frank actually liking Jane. I can’t wait to see how that theory pans out!

In this section we finally meed Mrs. Elton. WOW, she is a handful. She’s….interesting. It’s a bit odd that she’s an amplified version of Emma. She wants to ‘help’ others but she’s a lot more forceful about it. I’m not sure if all of her intentions are good though. The way she treats Jane is a bit frightening! I’m thinking she’s going to force Emma to take a hard look at herself and reevaluate how she helps others.

Emma Approved

It’s BACK! I’m liking that we’re finally going to meet Izzie and John. I mentioned before that I thought they should have been brought in a while back because it would help bring Emma down to Earth. It was nice to see Emma upset about the situation. It really makes her character more approachable. Harriet was so sweet about the situation just like in the book. I just want to give her a big hug.

I’m very interested in seeing how Mrs. Elton will be adapted. I’d love to see her in a competing lifestyle business.

What are your thoughts on the story so far?

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5 thoughts on “Emma Read-A-Long Part Four

  1. I’m excited to meet Izzie, but not sure about this whole thing where something’s up with Izzie. I thought the series struggled at the beginning, when it was including story that didn’t come from the book, and I’m worried the same thing will happen again. But I do like seeing Emma so rattled, and Knightley being nice to her.

    Mrs. Elton is wonderfully awful — she may be my favorite of all the awful Austen characters.

  2. Thanks for mentioning my theory! I hope I’m right, but there have been things in this section that both made me think I was right and things that made me think I’m probably crazy. I hope you’re right about Mrs. Elton causing Emma to step back and evaluate how she acts. I like her desire to help people, but she could use some common sense 🙂

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