Emma Read-A-Long Part Three

Part 3: Part 2- Chapters 1-9

Elton has exited the picture for the time being so now we’ve been introduced to two new characters: Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax. I want like Frank. I really do…but something seems off. He’s very nice. He’s kind to Mrs. Weston. He and Emma get along very well. I just see something going wrong. Maybe he’s going to propose to Emma and she freaks out? Possibly he steals from someone and then skips town? I do hope I’m wrong about that though.

Jane seems nice enough. I don’t see anything wrong with her but I can tell she rubs Emma the wrong way. I hope Emma changes her mind about Jane and befriends her. Oh! Maybe Jane and Harriet could be friends.

I loved seeing Mrs. Weston playing matchmaker. I think Jane and Mr. Knightley would be a nice couple. I enjoyed seeing Emma get flustered by the suggestion. I was initially annoyed that she freaked out over the situation. Mr. Knightley is her friend! She should want him to be happy right? A six-year-old’s future inheritance is not more important than a man’s love and happiness. It was once I finished the section that I realized Emma’s freakout was most likely not over the inheritance but rather Mr. Knightley. I think that she realizes she has feelings for Mr. Knightley (even though she doesn’t think marriage is an option for her) and doesn’t want to loose him like she ‘lost’ Mrs. Weston.

Emma Approved

We have caught up with the web series now so I can’t compare the two anymore. I’ll just talk about how I think things might play out in the modern adaption of the book.

Senator Elton won’t be getting married while he’s gone. My guess is he’ll get a girlfriend while he’s gone and bring her back home.

I believe it’s already been explained that Frank Churchill is Ryan (Mr. Weston’s brother). I’m guessing this means Frank will be visiting his brother before too long. Maybe the name difference is something to do with their parents? Possibly they grew up separately because their parents got divorced?

Jane is a bit harder to guess. Maybe she’ll be working in she same area as Emma and Alex? Maddy Bates has been mentioned very briefly and it was in reference to her being interested in some boring business stuff. Perhaps she has some pull with the company? Maybe she’ll get Jane a job with Emma and Alex?

What are your thoughts on the story so far?

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4 thoughts on “Emma Read-A-Long Part Three

  1. Aaaaaa I am crazy excited for Emma Approved to return on (I hope) Monday. I missed it! So much! (Though it has been sort of fun reading the Mr. Knightley posts on the blog.)

    Ugh, Frank Churchill. That kid. My whole post for the second volume of Emma is probably going to be “Frank Churchill is the worst”. :p As usual, Mr. Knightley was right!

  2. I think something is fishy with Frank too! My guess is that he secretly likes Jane Fairfax. They’d already met and it would explain why he was suddenly able to make time to visit his father. And if he was actually getting Jane a piano, it would explain his need to go to London for a haircut. If I’m right, I’m really going to enjoy seeing how surprised Emma and Mrs. Weston will be when all their speculation turns out to be wrong!

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