Emma Read-A-Long Part Two

Part 2: Part 1- Chapters 10-18

This time around Emma and I got along better. Once I got used to her personality, I was able to like her more. For the most part, she is a good person. She’s just a bit….misguided with her help. Her heart is in the right place so it makes it easier to ‘forgive’ her and move on.

The climax of volume one comes to a head. Mr. Elton declares his love for Emma and she is baffled and confused. Even if I hadn’t watched Emma Approved, I could have seen this coming. You do really feel bad for Emma because she didn’t expect this. I did appreciate the fact that she pulled Harriet back into the situation. It could have been very easy for Emma to go along with his affections (even though it’s not what she had originally intended).

Obviously at this point I’m not a fan of Mr. Elton. I can understand why he ‘chose’ Emma over Harriet but his reaction was unnecessary. Harriet is a perfectly sweet young lady and there was no reason for him to bash her because of her background. I know it was necessary to show how slimy he was but I still didn’t like it.

Harriet was too sweet in her moment of heartbreak. She doesn’t blame anyone and is pretty dignified about the whole situation.  I loved that Emma has now taken it upon herself to cheer up her friend.

Emma Approved

This is basically where Emma Approved left off before their break. I quite liked Senator Elton’s confession of feelings in the series. It was amended from a proposal to an admission of feelings. Obviously that was needed for a modern adaption of the series. I liked the video because you could see his shift from nice guy to Mr. Politics who only cares about how other people see him. The bitterness between them is very tangible.

Emma finally shows some vulnerability in the episode though which I loved. In fact that’s what really sparked my interest in continuing the series as well as reading the book. I’ve included the video below for those who haven’t seen it yet!

What are your thoughts on the story so far?

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4 thoughts on “Emma Read-A-Long Part Two

  1. I liked Emma better in this section too. She might be silly, but she’s also cheerful and sweet and really seems to care about other people. I’m not sure I agree with your assessment of Elton though. It seems as though given society at the time, he might have been right to be offended by Emma thinking he would settle for someone of Harriet’s background. I certainly don’t think Emma has a right to dislike him for feeling above Harriet when she clearly thinks she is above him 🙂

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